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  1. Thanks you certainly know more than I. Any idea how I delete this post?
  2. Have a set of what I believe to be 1926 or 27 spark plug wire loons. If this is not correct please let me know. Priced at $250 OBO plus shipping or trade for 1933 Lincoln parts. Located in south central Penna.
  3. I have a very good 31 or 32 head believe the casting #is GU if that makes a difference. If anyone has interest I can take pictures. John Kelso
  4. Alsancle did you pick your profile picture for this thread on purpose,ironic😉
  5. Unlikely to be a 12 since the plate is a 10, Page sure looks close.
  6. The car in rear might be a Hupp, but ruled that and Metz out for the main car. I don't think the front car is made up, it is quite similar to a 1909 Overland we had but tool box and radiator cap are wrong
  7. This picture was posted in our local paper. It was captioned as a 1909 REO but I don't think that to be correct. Any ideas? Also an interesting one in the rear. License in 1910 Pennsylvania
  8. And Harry said to Frank as they sat down to lunch after a difficult time at the design table, "We gotim this time, they'll never figure it out"
  9. I sold a restored 1911 Ford a few years ago. The buyer from Germany wanted to arrange his own shipping. It was mid January and there had been snow for the last couple of days when the pickup arrived. I went to show the driver where to park only to discover an open transport. There were several cars already loaded one of which was an early 30's Buick Phaeton. That poor Buick and every other car was completely covered in a thick layer of salt and road dirt. Dumb me ask the driver if he was really going to put this shinny brass car on that trailer, that's what I get paid for w
  10. Guess I was having nightmares of the time before Dot5. That lesson I did learn
  11. I am a believer in sending all the cylinder to be sleeved, several companies doing it. Not much more than kits and new ones are in the rebuild. Went through the hone, rebuild only to have to do it again a year or two later. Perhaps I was incompetent
  12. Why does that Tbird have a toilet paper dispenser on the front bumper?
  13. How about this Packard,48 I think, been in our family since 1965, All original, hasn't run in a couple years so carb is off for rebuilding. I would like to sell in the range of 20K but that may be like the the guy in hell who wanted a glass of ice water. Car is located in McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania. Always open for discussion. Thanks John Kelso
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