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  1. Pair of rumble seat castings , copied from a 1928 BB Roadster may fit others $150 Can deliver to Hershey.
  2. Set of rumble seat steps originally cast from patterns of a 1928 BB Stutz roadster May fit other class era cars $150 can deliver to Hershey
  3. Set of rumble seat step plates cast from a 1928 Stutz roadster, may fit other applications can deliver to Hershey $150 pair
  4. Both of these Lincoln's we sold new with double whitewalls as were most Lincoln's of the Classic era.
  5. Hand made Lincoln Motor Cars sign. 20X48" will be at Hershey space C4S 30
  6. JAK

    1908 REO hub caps

    Will be at c4s 30 at hershey
  7. Before you lump all Americans together from the comments on this form you may wish to chat with a few of the pre war people
  8. Well John and David, what if he sold some of my pre 1920's parts out of the back of his Yukon located in my flea market space I was thinking, he drives me to Hershey with my parts in back, sitting in my space looking after my stuff while I travel around looking to spend money. This grand gesture of mine would satisfy so many folks, those who grumble about people just parking there, no early parts, no buyers and on and on. You guys have dashed my hopes! Guess I'll have to stay home since I can't afford the gas to get there. Eli he did have the transmission rebuilt some time ago.
  9. I am out of my league when it comes to post war cars. Friend stopped by today and has decided to sell his 1995 Yukon . He is second owner, 284K miles, white, leather interior. They moved here from the south and I did not see any obvious rust. Located 90 miles west of Hershey and it can be in the flea market. I know nothing about values or interest in such things and am just trying to help a friend so please don't be to hard on me. Thank you
  10. Mick what a nice car best of luck to him. John
  11. Yes I'm aware of that but when you crest a hill in a Stanley with hardly any brakes at 80 MPH the idea is to scare the horses, cattle ,sheep and little kids, out of the way. How times have changed. Never had this problem with any of the Locomobile steam cars I've owned. 😉 John
  12. I have used Dupont 62006AH code WT-7209 , a 1971 International Truck code 2015A the 2015A you should be able to cross reference to Nason Paint
  13. Those Dodge 8's are good cars and you are right, very attractive.
  14. When I read the previous poster comments on Lincoln automobiles I always think of Mark Twain.