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  1. Looking for a complete jack assembly for a 1960 Ford. Thanks
  2. Sent a package to my son in Baltimore, 100 miles away, 2 weeks and he still doesn't have it. What has happened to our USPS?
  3. Funny thing I live in a rural area of Pennsylvania and we complain about the southerners moving in,guess we're all alike, Americans!
  4. I was there with my friend Carl Amsley of Stanley fame since there was a car and some parts in the sale. The car was bought by Geo. Staley and restored. I had made contact with him after the sale and subsequently did some work for him on the car. I had been there earlier and bought the remains of a 1927 Boattail . He had responded to an ad I had placed in Hemmings. On the advise of a few people I ignored the post card, I was told he'll lead you along and you will not be able to buy anything. After the second post card I responded, about a week later the phone rang at 4 AM and it was
  5. Is there an extra seat on that plane, I'll bring the 2 day old shine !
  6. John you might get better results using the LZOC for this question. John
  7. There is a lot of "All time" before 1950 in the car world!
  8. That's me standing in the middle. Coming from a small town in the country we dreamed of a Soap Box Derby. The Lions Club started this but it never went as far as anything Alsancle was involved in. It was run on the steepest street in town and as I recall quite well attended. Must have been early 50's, Sure miss those two guys.
  9. If that is not him, I think George Gagle from Joplin, Mo. may have had something to do with it.
  10. When we left home yesterday in our 1924 Lincoln touring(side curtains installed) it was 35 degrees and the car loved it . What a beautiful drive this time of year through the mountains,only topped off by the show itself. One of the best I have ever attended with so many great cars and people. All the people involved deserve a "well done" Thank you! As a side note from a life long resident,don't ever try to guess what our weather might be this time of year😉
  11. Have done London to Brighton twice, both in steam. It is not a scam, the preparation and expense to make it happen is greater than Hershey. The thrill of it ,once you see and hear all those ancient machines makes the weather no matter how bad disappear. Oldcarfudd, go for it!
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