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  1. JAK

    McCord headgasket 5770

    Thanks I have spoken to them, I'd like to find an original McCord set.
  2. JAK

    McCord headgasket 5770

    Need pair of McCord headgaskets 5770
  3. JAK

    Selden patent plate

    Joe I have two, one repop and one original. Will email pictures John
  4. JAK

    Wtb: Borg Warner R10B-1F overdrive

    Here are some closeups of the numbers. Third is cast into the end. It doesn't appear to be what you're looking for. John
  5. JAK

    Threaded Rivets Source Sought

    try Tioga Stainless, unslotted screws. phone 802-655-9671 or sales@tiogastainless.com Good to deal with
  6. JAK

    Wtb: Borg Warner R10B-1F overdrive

    I'll check
  7. JAK

    Locomobile 25" Firestone Rims Wanted

    Hi Al, No it is just the outer ring. Not sure about the 27" set I have but that won't do him any good Hope all's well with you. John
  8. JAK

    Locomobile 25" Firestone Rims Wanted

    Is this what you are looking for?
  9. JAK

    1933 Pennsylvania License plates

    Thanks, only interested in a pair and want the numbers eligible for Pennsylvania year of manufacture, have been watching Ebay.
  10. Looking for a nice pair of 1933 Pennsylvania license plates. Will buy or trade other Pennsylvania plates Thanks
  11. JAK

    Wtb: Borg Warner R10B-1F overdrive

    I have this overdrive unit. That aluminum plate with adapter was bolted to the front for it to be adapted to a classic era car. If this is what you are interested in let me know. John Kelso McConnellsburg, Penna
  12. Chuck got my filter today, just what I was looking for. Thank you. John Kelso
  13. JAK

    1931 K Model - call for help

    You may want to check some of your information. If its a1930 it is an L, in the CCCA section Friartuck has a 1930 owners manual for sale. If it is a K then it would be a 31 . Good luck