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  1. I am looking for a project for my son and I. Ideally it would be a stalled restoration with engine mechanical work done, some chrome done. My time is limited and I don't want to start with a car that will need to come apart, haven't bought a car together for 30 years. Since I am well aware of end values of these cars and could buy one all tickety boo this is more about time with my son so its more about the right car. We are both accomplished steam car people so not much frightens us. Thanks for the ebay tip.
  2. Looking for a 46 to 48 C projectontinental
  3. Have had many sets of wood wheels redone mostly by Bill Calimer recently had a set by Studzman. There is no comparison,Calimer by far is the best, not cheapest but best.
  4. Great news, congratulations
  5. I have a 1933 and need a picture or drawing of the shaft that is used on the cowl side vents, have the vents and the lever but no rod. Thanks John Kelso
  6. JAK

    Going in deep

    On most of these cars I've seen "naked" the lead was factory, usually to fill the seams where a body was put together. Quite common in the classic era
  7. JAK

    Going in deep

    I learned lead work in the 60's, and still use it on occasion. I see no reason for you to remove it, I wouldn't.
  8. JAK

    Memorial Day

    Not 48 but the one I served under.
  9. JAK

    Help needed

    Thanks John, I know I saw it a few years ago too. Was working on early 30 Auburn's at that time and they used the same moulding John Kelso
  10. JAK

    Test Drive

    Beautiful car ,congratulations John
  11. Champion C4 spark plugs or AC76
  12. JAK

    Help needed

    Does anyone know of a source for the molding as pictured. It is attached to the top and windshield and holds the L shaped rubber that seals the door glass on a 1933 Lincoln Convertible Coupe. Have seen it used on other Classic era cars. Thanks, John Kelso
  13. Contact Russell Holden in Aussie he has lots of Cadillac 30 parts. You can find contact info on the HCCA site, he is a director.