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  1. Thanks for the help John . I have found throughout the years this hobby requires patience and time. Plenty of the first, not so much the latter.
  2. Thank you all for the insight , they are 2 piece , attached is a picture of what I'm looking for.
  3. Thanks guys yes they are 18" and I've been told how scarce they are, but sometimes the blind dog does get the bone.
  4. Metal spare tire covers for a 1933 Lincoln wanted Thanks
  5. I have a pair that were originally intended for a 1947 Chrysler, plated by Lebrandy so you know they are first class if interested.
  6. Am looking for a set of metal tire covers for a 1933 Lincoln
  7. You might check with Jerome Hubert in Portland he fabricated quite a few high quality parts, also Ron Gosek of Vintage brass had carb parts. If you need phone numbers PM me. John Kelso
  8. Contact the Lincoln Owners Club or the Lincoln K Group. Both are on facebook and a post might work. You may also contact Leland Powels in California at Yesterdays Ranch. His wife did a nice article on Miss Todd for the LOC Magazine a few years ago. Good Luck John
  9. Bernie as I read your post about the Prius group I had to chuckle. A friend of mine has a Prius parked between his 32 Lincoln and E Type Jaguar both V12's Says he has to drive the Prius to be able to afford to put gas in the other two, they average about 7 MPG. The sacrifices we make😀
  10. Two books I enjoyed were Vagabonds and Edsel the forgotten son of Henry Ford. None of us should be the same person we were in our past, we are all shaped by our past experiences. All history should be viewed taking into context the times
  11. Couldn't be any more difficult than this restoration, at least there are patterns.
  12. Post the question on the Lincoln section. There are several posts about the distributor and coils. Some knowledgeable Lincoln guys hang out there.
  13. If you looked closely he was moving the distributor cap as if a clip were loose. As we all know if the timing chain were broken it wouldn't have restarted. Gave me a chuckle too.