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  1. I have restored wood bodied cars in worse conditions, the iron work here is the important part.
  2. If there were some way to get it to Pennsylvania I'd take it in a heartbeat.
  3. You need a steam car!
  4. Randy would you happen to have a buy it now on the 24 manual, would look good with my car. Thanks, John
  5. Joe I have a 36 Front and rear axle assembly. Actually have 2 one set together one apart. PM me to discuss. John Kelso
  6. I have also used the West System with great success. I also like the Smith's as well, It seems to penetrate into the wood better than West.
  7. Hi Bill, Sorry I missed you at Hershey last year. The ones I'm looking for are 1 1/2 " I can always add tabs. Thanks for checking
  8. Need a pair of 1910 or 1911 International auto buggy springs. Thanks
  9. Need a pair of front springs for a 1910 or 1911 International Auto Buggy. Thanks
  10. Need a set of front springs for a 1910 or 1911 International auto wagon. Thank you
  11. Could you please send me some more information or pictures Thanks John
  12. I sure like that car!
  13. JAK

    1908 REO hub caps

    Yes they are available. Measuring across the top of the threads inside the cap is 2.420 and they are 16 tpi
  14. Good job, and a memory your son won't forget. Had similar car related experiences with my kids and they still talk about them. Oh, and they age well too!
  15. Quite similar to the one I had on my model 30 Cadillac1910