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  1. Have you tried Pete Kelley for the two speed He's on the forum her someplace.
  2. Not on your list but I have a good 8 cylinder head, gas/oil gauge faces(31 is 8/20), and a set of spare tire locks. PM if interested John A Kelso
  3. Yes, that was my question. With the exception of the local Ford dealer the others were either garage owners on in other businesses, none we implement dealers so far as I can tell. Thanks
  4. I've been studying some local history from the 1912 to 15 period. Seems there were a number of garages selling cars of different make. This is a small farm community however at that time period there was considerable traffic passing through. I suspect you could buy a sign and call yourself a dealer but that is speculation on my part. Anybody know? Most adds were for Maxwell,Overland, Buick, Studebaker and some others. Ford was already well established.
  5. Zephyr, I have must confess a Pierce is the one car I've wanted to own since I was teenager. I haven't totally given up yet but the candle is dimming.
  6. For those of us, or at least me, who have been in this hobby for 6 decades will tell you that for a long time it was more about the hobby than money. As I recall big money didn't become interested until the 70's with the beginning of auctions. Every car I own I have had to do different degrees of work on, sometimes as simple as putting it back together. I have been blessed with some talents and married a very capable woman. If we had to spend months learning to accomplish a task that is we did (school of hard knocks). I am still learning and love it. My greatest investment has been time. My point is if making money is your motivator then good luck, if saving a piece from the past, if sitting in your brass car and imagining driving to church 6 miles away in 30 degree weather, if you enter a mind warp when you start the engine in your 193--- whatever them you will be all right. If we want young people to be interested then we need to help them, I've probably given 5 projects away to young people who I've mentored, cars I knew I'd never have the interest in restoring, mostly mid teens. They were all given with a time limit till I got a ride, and I got some scary ones. Its all about whats important to you. Perhaps our hobby is reverting back to the way it started, maybe not such a bad thing. These are my opinions and I do not mean to offend or criticize.
  7. JAK

    Eclectic Taste

    Thanks Bob, But the Thunderbird was my first driver, I dated my wife in it, 52 years ago
  8. No I don't have pictures, the car was unexciting, It was sold to Jeff Theabold in England. I was clocked on the Bristol NASCAR track on the Friday before the AACA Spring Meet in Bristol at near 90PH, the car was not operating at maximum. My limitation not the car.
  9. Depends on which era I awake to in the morning as to what I work on. What a lucky man I am !
  10. Restored a Brooks several years ago, found the performance at bit lacking compared to a Stanley.
  11. Flat top, I learned to do body work before body putty existed in my world, I am still at it . Still have my lead paddles but there about worn out, will be time to quit when they are. Body shops today are replacement shops simply because the metal is so thin, he need an old school body man.
  12. If you ever tried to convince an agent at PennDot that all you had for your 1906 Buick was a bill of sale because the title had long ago dissappeared you might look at this subject differently. Not usually a problem for most of the cars I see on owners lists. Unfortunately another service to the hobby is gone.
  13. Find him a Model T, great starter project
  14. I am in need of the inside upper center windshield molding for a 1960 convertible. Thanks, John