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  1. Im surprised too! I saw your first request ,but thought one of your countrymen would offer you one. I may be prepared to part with a spare one . Hate to see a bloke stranded. Im based in New Zealand. Dont think the freight going your way is to expensive though. You wouldnt have an ignition/light switch for a 1927 oakland , in reasonable condition, for a possible swap would you?
  2. Are you still looking for parts ? If its a six cylinder model I may be able to help. I have a 1922 nearly restored and the remains of a 1916-18 four cylinder that I hope to get going one day. Only one small catch , I live in New Zealand. Happy motoring
  3. :oI am looking for some chassis brackets , Springs , drive shaft housing and pinion, (weston mott ), And a few small items for my 1913 project. I have various spares Im willin;);)g to trade.
  4. Just curious as to how many of these cars surived , I know there are quite a few Australian bodied cars on the road . However mine is a fisher bodied car and I havent seen or herd of any others. Also require photos and dimentions to enable me to build the top irons for my 1920 34C oakland roadster.
  5. I have an Oakland 34C 1920 roadster . Sorry cant help you with gards . But may be able to assist with the odd small item as I have numerous spares. Im based in New Zealand and plan to make the rear gards for my car soon . They are similar but have a swage in them. I found the Oakland register based in Australia exelent for info and handy ideas on restoration. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi, If you find out how to do it go for it . I have the remains of a 1913 Krit and am always looking for contacts to exchange parts and info with.
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