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  1. Supposed to be about 101 in Wichita Falls, TX this weekend. The bike riders have been doing their training for the Hotter 'N Hell 100 mile bike ride.


    ....yea but it's a dry heat :rolleyes:

  2. All good here....open door on the man cave and little bugs (thanks to the old school mosquito coil)

    It can stay like this all year good.gif


    Oh yea almost forgot..............................SPAM :D

  3. STEALTHBOB, I just noticed that you're from Perth. Is there an old flour mill nearby, known as the Ritchie Mill? (Note to Moderator: Canadian Durham wheat flour is an essential ingredient in the world's finest Spam.) I'm digging into some family history and there's a direct connection between Perth and Edmonton, dating back 120 years.

    Ritchie Mill, South Edmonton, 1892

    I'm not up on the heritage of Perth but did find this....Perth's mills are mention about half way down.


  4. Very nice...

    I am an early riser and so is my boy. Even if he is not awake I get him and we go into the garage together to play with some tools...or toys as he calls them.

    Its our "thing" friends.gif

    .....he also LOVES SPAM! :)

  5. Its funny you remember that because it was my dad that helped rebuild the heads off my Grandfathers 1954 Roadmaster. He remembers it like it was yesterday....he later owned the car and has always revered it.

    I want to try rebuilding the trans but the last thing I want to happen is to have a break down the first day on the road....or worse the 10th day when I have traveled all the way to Buick Gardens in Georgia. :eek:

    I will do it one day but maybe not for this project....its very special to me.

  6. Yea you certainly are doing nice work and I think I will go with my gut and farm out the Dynaflow rebuild. Maybe one day get a used core and play with that. I consider myself very adept mechanically but like I said about my engine rebuild...this may not be the best time to "Practice" on a rebuild.

    I continue to keep tabs on your project, thanks for sharing what you are doing.

    ...now to go shake the money tree a little harder. :(

  7. Looks like fun...?

    I'm curious, is this something that you have done before? I only ask as I would love the challenge of doing mine as well but I have never touched a transmission before.

    I am leaning to farming mine out but I sure love to experience new challenges and learn new skills. The book is so explicit and thorough...surely if I follow that exactly I should be good? Any pit falls or things to consider that the book doesn't cover?

    Other than getting the wrong kit it looks like a whole lotta fun!

  8. man that is gross. I can only watch until his eyeballs start imitating a Bolo Bouncer. You kids do know what a Bolo Bouncer is right?

    .....Please pray tell for those of us who were not around to witness the next step in toy evolution from the cup and ball. :D

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