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  1. Lamar I got the breaks done, ignition system optimized, plugs, wires, coolant leaks, gas system, engine desludged, rad changed, tires replaced and even a clean and shine! Hell I even took it on a 2 hour round trip shake down cruise!

    We are all systems go!

    Well, I still have wipers, interior lights, gas gauge, parking pall slip(linkage adjustment) heater fans, radio to fix but will get me there! Might even steal me a nice cuddle and kiss from my bride of 10 yearspost-62521-143142131354_thumb.gif

    Its been 4 years for this....I will be enjoying it no matter what!post-62521-14314213136_thumb.gif

  2. I see such a hate on and angst to what these guys are doing...agree or disagree fine but there is nothing actually wrong with what they do just because you personally disagree with it.

    I personally would like all cars restored original, I am following that with my own projects. I also like the freedom to live and do what I like, legally, in my civil society.

    Next up, the hate on for Jackson Barrett auction as its starts this week, its always something right?

    I get that is is a preservationist site and my comments are tongue in cheek for the most part but like all you guys say: The shows are predictable and scripted...well so are these purist hate on everything non "pure" threads.

    Just sayin....

  3. Port Elmsley Drive-In Theatre Coming Attractions

    Port Elmsley Drive-In Theatre Photo Gallery

    Ok please don't beat me up over the c word, its what they call it and it is what it is. (I did leave it non capital "c" btw)

    Now to the nice stuff...

    There is a special one night only event at a local drive in. All vintage cars are welcome to come out for a show and shine and then watch a movie. Best part, it is only 20 minutes away!

    At first I was dissapointed as the movie is not kid friendly (The Great Gatsby) so what am I to do? Dump them off at Grand Pa&Ma's!

    I have Friday booked off as well, this will be the first time my wife will be in the old Buick. Harriett is a nice 20 footer but shows some real wear, some rust and some age...hope all the others are not too shiny but would be nice to see other nice old cars there. That being said regardless, I bet o'l Harriett will be the best looker there! After all she is a Buick right...

    Can't wait, should be neto...just need to get me a good FM radio player with good batteries. I was told they have a vintage AM transmitter set but last year it failed and may be sketchy this year.

    I will post pics...

  4. well if you're that far east, bring a trailer on down to Buick Gardens and I'm sure MrsEarl will find something to load up on it. May be a project but......

    Make sure you ask to see the "Buick Room"...I got to sleep in it one night. It also contains the Buick closet of NOS wonders!

    I had to walk through a metal detector on the way out though...

  5. I like what you said Willie...there are certain styling cues to each car that set them apart. For me this image is what says it all...

    That beautiful roof line as it gently falls over the rear, the reverse rake and yes open wheels with the sweep-spear curving over and flowing past with a burst of speed.


  6. I am a 55 fan.... I love how it has the cones up front, and the mild fin tail lights in the back. I also like the round gauges. I am on my 3rd 1955 4 door special now. I am probably the only fool buying 4 door special post cars...'s a cheap way into a neat looking old car.

    I am with you there...more doors need more love.

  7. I'm obviously partial to the 54...same reason Lamar stated and if it was good enough for my Dad's first car it good enough for me.

    I made some cheeky vids to garner interest for '54 owners to bring their 54's to the 2012 Nats. WE had a great showing but sadly we were just short of 54.

    Take a look at a series of 54's...there are 54 of them in this vid:

  8. Great stuff guys...Dad and I had a great time in Charlotte last year. The best part was meeting all of you the worst part is something I just found out. I was responsible for Serb (Stevo) exchange gift for the plum brandy. He received a nice BCA beer glass and a grille plate...well that is I received one which I was to send himfool.gif

    I was showing my wife the pictures online and she says..."You know, that box you brought back is still in the closet..." !!!???!!!!

    Stevo, my sincere apologies but I never mailed your exchange will hit the mail Monday morning.

    Thanks for this thread...that box might have aged longer than the plum brandy before it was finally sent.

  9. Parts availability is easy...go down to Jawga, ply MrEarl with some libations, and remove what you need from what is scattered about Buick Gardens. Now, that may end up costing you more in the long run than you are willing to pay.

    Don't forget the special closet of 54 Buick NOS that is in the "Buick Room"

    I saw it once when I had the privilege of staying over night in the same room, I did have to pass by a metal detector on the way out though.


  10. I actually took delivery last Saturday, and what a day it was. I was of course very excited but there were some disappointments. First off, it has had a full repaint so survivor is gone. Also the repair guys used a colour gun to pick the roof colour....and 60 year old white paint with blue underneath will show blue right?

    My roof was painted a soft blue and not white????

    Anyway, it is all over and the good news is that this car is in great shape and should be on the road as a reliable driver in weeks. The front seat covers were super crispy and torn and falling off so I will remove it and cover with a throw cover for now. The only thing I see why I can't drive this car is the tires and a bad oil leak from the valve covers....easy fix for sure. The other issue is the seat I believe is closer to the wheel that my other Roadmaster 2 door, unfortunately I honk the horn with my belly every time I reach the radio. Yeash, just one more indication I really have to loose some weight.

    So I have to just go through the car with full checks, desludge the engine, check breaks ect ect ect and I'm on the road.

    Some neat things...the delivery tags that are on the controls at the dealership were in the glove box along with other neat docs. There was a picture of Harriet (the only other owner) and her car in the glove box. For the engine correctness geeks the fuel lines are painted on this one and all the clamps are still the old high top ones.

    In the end it was worth it all, I have a nice driver with a neat story. Hope to have it in South Bend with Dad in the passenger seat!

    The family all ready for the first ride to the drive in!




  11. Stay strong my friend...and remember, Cancer can be beaten!

    Through strength, resolve and dignity we have a chance to beat this awful thing back all together as a community of friends and support.

    Hope to see you soon at SB.

  12. Sorry to hear about your experience...

    As much as I want to...I have not mentioned the carrier as these forums do not allow negative posts about negative experiences with named suppliers.

    Anyone who wants to know just PM me and I will be more than happy to oblige.