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  1. I have started to upload some shows of the Buick concept cars....

    Starting in no particular order:

    1951 Buick LeSabre

    <iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    ...more to come.

  2. Damm...I really loved the fact that you were out about in that nice patina'd Buick. I also know all too well the feeling of riding home with my Buick on a flatbed rather than the road.

    Good thing she didn't cease like mine...hope you get out and have fun at the show anyways. After all its about the people first ;)

  3. Nice!

    Thanks rivgs.....

    I love your tag line btw:

    "Never argue with a fool, People may not be able to tell the difference."

    One that I like that is very close to that one:

    Never argue with an idiot, they will only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience" :D

  4. Thanks for posting that, these tools can be fun to play around with.

    There is a thread here about widow stickers or build sheets not being available for Buick's prior to 59, this could be an option.

    I had to scale down the PDF dramatically so it would upload here so the quality is poor and it changed some of the fonts but it gives you an idea of all the info you put into this software. This is the facts sheet for my Roadmaster.

    Oh and as far as cost the free version does what your site does...the extra 15 bucks is more of a donation to recognize all the hard work it took to make this software work.


  5. It was a pleasure (and hard work of a few hundred hours) to create it. :)

    Although I'm happy that its finished. Best part of it: The people (like you) seem to enjoy it - that was my aim! :)

    I'm considerring to make this for all 1950-1959 Buicks... could be fun!

    Take note Buick folks..... ;)

    You should be proud El Diablo, not many could even do this type of work let alone for a hobby.

    You certainly think big...I can only imagine what "Hometown Buick" will look like one day.

  6. Well after a long process of building the software and loading images and info we at are proud to introduce the 1954 Buick Configurator!

    This was all done by our very talented and dedicated Webmaster El Diablo...all credit goes to him!

    Have you wondered how your car would look like, if it was painted in a different color? Have you asked yourself, where and when your 1954 Buick was built? And the original price?

    Here is the key to the answers of your questions: With the 1954 Buick Configurator you can build your personal 1954 Buick - just the way you like it.

    Key features are:

    • Configure every Buick model that was available in 1954
    • Original paint combinations*
    • Correct prices for every option**
    • Most of the optional equipment is pictured and described
    • Create a desktop background image for your computer
    • Decode the VIN number of your 1954 Buick
    • Download a PDF factsheet of general info and individual data of your configured car***
    • Configurations can be saved on (and loaded from) your local computer****

    Configure your 1954 Buick(s) now!

    Please understand that developing this software took a long time. Therefore it is not for free. With your subscription, you get full access to all features! Get the full version!

    The software recognizes by itself if you have privileges to use the full version. Otherwise it will switch to a demo version with a few restrictions and watermarks. Both version can be reached through this link.

    Note: You may have to hit F11 to switch to full screen to see the Start button bottom left. Just push F11 again to switch back when done.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask them here.

    * Paint colors have been taken from the original dealer paint selector. But due to light situation, computer monitor profile, printer profile, etc. the paint cannot be 100% accurate. The trim combinations colors depend on the same situations / settings.

    ** Taken by two different dealer price sheets. Both vary a little bit. The most authentic value has been chosen.

    *** Be sure to turn off your pop up blocker of your browser for that feature.

    **** This feature is based on cookies. If you have disabled / deleted cookies, you won't be able to use this feature.

    If you want to see an example of what the Facts Sheet looks like click here

    Again, thanks to you El Diablo! Your dedication to the brand is unmatched!

  7. Thank you very much for those Fred....looks like the CG is right at the floor pan seam trans tunnel as it meets up with the firewall.

    The one used in the pics is fully adjustable for different cars. It lifts the whole pivot and it can change the height of the car in relation to the pivot hence allowing you to balance to car for smooth rotation.

    To simplify my build I want to just have it lift at the pivot only and leave the other centering adjustment rigid...shim a little if needed.

    I'll be sure to post pics when I'm done and rotating....

    Thanks for the great pics....looking amazing, your progress is astounding!

  8. That helps....looks like only about 4 inches up from the mounts is the center of gravity but that is a convert. Another inch or so would allow for the roof?

    I'm trying to avoid the adjustable height on the rotation assy, If I have to I will allow for a little more height and use some shims/spacers to allow for balance.

    Great pics..thanks

  9. The supply blows a positive pressure into the garage...where a door and other small allowances allows drafts to come in.

    Look if you have a man cave garage like I do it is of no consequence until you try to sell...keep the petrochemicals out in a shed and your fine.

    Also I am using your project as one of my templates for my own so I concur with John..keep it up!