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  1. I am in need of a 1940's Pontiac flywheel dust cover. I think from 1939 to 1954 or so will fit for the manual 3 sp trans. I can be reached @ 630 303-8057. Thank you, George:D
  2. Call Northwest Transmission parts. I had good luck with these guys for a clutch set up for a 1947 pontiac and all little parts I needed. Very fast delivery etc.. They are very knowlegeble and very helpfull. 1800 327-1955 or 937 442-2811
  3. To all here at this great information sight, I had this piece machined and repressed it in. Put this all back together and started the engine. Runs like a champ now. Thank you for all the help!!
  4. The part is a full press in sleeve. I removed it it is rotted almost fully around, jb weld is ok for small stuff but this is to far gone. The diameter of this press in sleeve is 17/8" plus I am figuring about .095 for a press in fit & the leagth is 2-7/8". I am calling engine shops in the area today to see if anybody knows about these or where to find. I am surprized that it seems nobody knows about this. It would seem this has been a problem issue with this heat riser.. Thank you, George aka Torpeedo_25
  5. I pulled my hair out trying to figure out why this engine would not run correctly. It ran hot plus I thought it was 180deg out. I replace the timming chain etc.. I finally removed the exhust & intake manifolds figuring the butter fly heat deverter was closed or something. I looked down the throat of the intake and low and behold the sleeve in the throat was rotted through. I think this is the problem after all that bs.. I am asking can anybody help me with this?? I need a new throat sleeve. Who would ever think this was the problem?? Vacuum seemed ok etc.. Please let me know if any one out there has this part.. Thank you, George aka Torpeedo_25:confused: