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  1. well finally fixed it,all this time it was the input sensor i replaced it today drove the car and reprogramed the computer it only went into limpmode once when I first started out I pulled over turned off car then restarted it i have driven now 30 miles some stop and go and no more limp mode.What a relief.
  2. Gary Hicks wrote: [if the transmission fails after takeoff, check] the electrical terminal that bolts into the computer housing that is mounted on the transmission. This is an electrical terminal and it bolts on to the computer box that is below the radiator fan and mounted on the transmission. Because of the poor design of this terminal it becomes a well and holds water. This happend to me on my 1992 3.3 Voyager. The transmission would not change gears without turning off the ignition to reset the computer. I used air to blow it out and the problem was solved. [i discovered it when replacing
  3. Yes But I tried that and lately when I pull over turn off key and restart and go again it has been reving up to about 4000 rpm and goes right back into limp mode.If I pull over get out of car and reach under the car and unplug the PRNDL switch and or unplug the big single wire comming off the pos side of battery and plug them back in again and then take off it will usually shift ok till I stop and take off again.but sometimes only a couple of minutes it will go back into limp.
  4. Please tell me how to go thru the reprograming procedure
  5. Wow! straight out of star wars. I guess these trans are very complex.I was reding my shop manual and it shows the air cleaner and shows one hose as a drain just goes down and connected to nothing in the pics.Well I can always get the input sensor only 29.00 from Napa and see what happens.
  6. Sorry, I mean how do you reprogram the tcm??? and is it necessary after a fluid change?
  7. Yea I know what you mean I am just getting to understand this transmission i have been reading my shop manual and learning as i go like I said i replaced the output sensor and no change I will now do another trans fluid change.But I thought you said if you drive them to much in limp mode it can hurt the trans.when it is in limp mode I drive it just at 45 50 mph so eng don't tach so much.Also you mentioned retraining the tcm how do you do that??
  8. Yes I believe you are right,The fact that I can pull over shut off eng and it wiill reset means there is still a prob.I have replaced the output sensor but not the input turbine sensor.I took off the tcm harness and sprayed with electrical clnr and made sure the connectors were not coroaded so the only things left are the tcm or speed sensor But what about the PRNDL switch?I never use to be able to pull over turn off eng and restart and be out of limp mode.I am trying to find a trans shop that can read the tcm with the right connector.OBD Also one last Q there are two small hoses on the air cl
  9. Hello Mark,Thanks for the info. I switched my Auto shutdown relay with my Back up light relay (they are right next to each other just under the TCM) and I have not had any problems since I think the shut down relay was getting hot and not working.I figured the back up relay only engages during reverse they are the same relay. thanks Mark Cliff
  10. Ok I will let it go a couple of days and see what hapens if doesn't get any better i'll do a full fluid change.thanks for the info It has never done this before.even when i turned off the car and started again it would always stay in limp mode. Cliff
  11. Something else I don't know why but sometimes the car will go back into limp mode if I start out slow from a stop but if i pull over and shut the ignition off and then start the car and take off a little quicker and get on it alittle it will shift good.what do you think?
  12. Good Idea I was going to run it about another 100 miles and then do another complete flush I think then it will be ok.Then i just have to do a cooling system flush and some new plug wires and plugs.I just hope I'm not throwing good money after bad. thanks again for all the help Cliff
  13. Well hopefuly things are looking up.tThanks to all for all the advice. I now learned something new.If you don't hear from I have the top down and gone. thanks
  14. Ok took the car to a trans shop about 15 miles away (closest one) Drove there in limp mode 45 MPH when i got there the guy hook up his scanner to the blue plug under dash couldn't get to the trans option couldn't read it.He was going to hook up to the plug under hood(frnt left shock tower) but had no connector.Said he would call me when he found one.Ok so I get in car and start to drive away the car shifts perfect all the way home.Wierd... so I wait about 30 min.get back in car drive down the road it shift good sometimes OD takes awhile.it sometimes shifts at 35 40 MPH and other times goes to
  15. Yes I used Elect cleaner and cleaned all sensors and switches was told that there was a splice at J91 and Sf1 that get corroded I found J91 but not SF1 they are in the harness SF1 is a three way splice BK RD that connects safety shut down and TCM and solenoids pressure switches. I can rewire an A/C unit any day but this is a mess
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