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  1. Interested in what would not be original/incorrect on the engine as there are a number of spare bits with each car.
  2. There is a weblink for pictures of both cars in the original post. Also there in lies the issue. I don't know the value for an unrestored and non-running car in the condition and was looking for a little input.
  3. Trying to help my Father-in-law out a little bit, and sorry but I am more of a later model guy so I don't know much about these cars. What I can tell you is that they were brought to Michigan From Florida and when they got here they ran, they currently don't. Overall condition is amazing there is minor rusting on the undercarriage and the rodent damage is actually very minimal. From my review this appears to be OEM paint with no repair or patching. all panels are straight and true. The engine and trans appear to be original and all wiring is there. I am sure with a little work I ca
  4. As probably one of the younger guys to respond (still early 40's) there are a few problems with the classic car hobby/antique car hobby/collector car hobby and some of them have been addressed already but to rehash and cover my points and give you guys something to think about: 1) Cost-many of the vehicles in order to even get into a rusted hulk is still a few thousand dollars, and that doesn't even count the cost of what it will take to slowly work it into something even resembling a "nice" car that's no where close to being a show winner 2) Availability- when was the
  5. Glad to see this is stirring up interest. The big question is how many new people can we get to come out?
  6. Thanks would appreciate it if this could get put on the calendar as well, if possible.
  7. As part of our continued effort to reinforce the Buick heritage, the Buicktown Chapter, in concert with the Back to the Bricks Organization, is bringing you , what we hope to be, a yearly event: "Buicks on Water Street". This event is going to be held the same day as the Back to the Brick event in Downtown Flint, Michigan (long held as the birthplace of Buick), August 15, 2015 this year. This event will be held in front of the Durant-Dort Building and Factory One (the birthplace of Buick). As we are a subset of Back to the Bricks they have already been working with the Flint Visitors Bureau an
  8. Having just converted my car over to the style you are talking about there is no option except replacing them. I have been looking at poly, but they will need to be custom made, but I need a spare arm to have it made.
  9. breaker bar on the crank bolt...should be about a 24mm head on the bolt.
  10. Doing what Buicks do best My wife and the Wildcat II Concept at the Buick Gallery at the sloan: Also my friends daughter found mine one while at Back to the Bricks here in Flint: And my daughter helping me on the suspension of my 00 Regal:
  11. The timing cover is located behind the belt side of the engine. the cam magnet is locate up and to the right of the crank pulley as you look at the end of the engine. the sensor itself is held in with a single 10mm bolt. You can see the cam sensor here (granted this is a series 2 engine, not a series 1 like in your car but it should be similarly placed) http://www.mccgp.com/upgrades/caminstall/wp-pulley.jpg Removing the accessory belt may get you enough space, but you may also need to remove the power steering pump...Will take a little bit of time (the power steering pump is held in with 3 13m
  12. There is a bypass pulley you would have to install in order to remove the A/C compressor from the system, you unfortunately cannot just put a different belt on it due to the routing of the system. Typically is is easier to buy a new compressor than to try and rebuild these. Actually I have never heard of anyone rebuilding them.....
  13. 1996 is a little bit of a freak and is kind of a OBD 1.5 (I had a 96 Regal). It has some of the functionality of both and depending on how the reader is set up may or may not get all your codes. Go to Autozone/O'Reilly's/Advanced/NAPA and see what they are using and ask them to check for you and they should give you the right stuff. For the cost of those units you can get a simple scanner at Harbor Frieght and your neighbor hood autppoarts place for less.....all you typically need is a little hand held unit.
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