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  1. Wish I was in a position to do this. Would be a nice addition.
  2. When I lived in Miami, I had a headliner replaced in a sedan and I was shocked it was costing 65.00. I guess with age comes a failure to understand inflation - I someone would have said 300, let alone 650, I would have reached for heart medicine.
  3. Padgett, I am lost here - where did you hear that there is an undamaged SS in Illinois. I have tried to read this thread from top to bottom.
  4. I am down in Bedford and looked at one for sale about a little over a year ago in the Carmel area at a dealer. Is this possibly that one? If you get a price for the whole care - be sure to let me know. I may be interested. Marc
  5. I have had Nationwide Insurance for 25 years. My agent tells me to add and delete coverage as I need. While sitting in my garage, I only keep a minimal comprehensive coverage. When I was planning on going to Iowa, I added the collision and liability, etc. I didn't go and canceled the coverage. This was all at his suggestion. He had me go to a specific shop to have my car appraised and some pictures taken in case there ever was a claim. I can even add and delete coverage myself online if I need to make a last minute change on the weekend or something. I considered looking into the other types of coverages, but there are a lot of restrictions that I didn't want to deal with. Doing it this way was a few dollars more than that, but significantly less than keeping full coverage all the time. May not be for everyone, but seems to work for me. Hope this helps.
  6. When I switch to the guage view on the 88 CRT, it will go to nearly H most of the time. What I go by is the digital reading which readily changes appropriately from 195 to as high as 220 on rare occasion. Also, the idiot light never comes on. When it gets nearly 210, I will turn on the a/c and it will drop back to around 200. On the 88, I don't remember which cooling fan runs when. Marc
  7. I have not changed my thermostat, but it seems to be around 180 also. I get really excited when the temperature gets to 210 on the digital readout. What is the normal operating temperature on the car? For some reason, I was thinking less than 210. In fact, in town, I will run the a/c just to run the fans continuously to help keep the engine temp cooler.
  8. Hey Barney....there are a few other topics that often come up as well. Quick fixes for the brake system? Cruise control will not work? There is a water leak around my windows. Thanks for the chuckle.
  9. Thanks everyone for the help; however, I must say to the last suggestion by may be an effective alternative - size 13s and flat feet cover a lot of surface area.......LOL. I have resigned myself to bleed first, my son will be able to help in a couple weeks. Until then - I will take it easy on the pedal and allow sufficient time to pressurize.
  10. I don't really need the anti-lock either, but that is the way it came from the factory and I want to keep it as close to original as possible.
  11. Thanks - I think I may order a couple. Dave, I used to have 2. 1 was a driver and this one I have tried to resurrect. I sold the driver to someone that would appreciate it. My 88 is my toy. It is not perfect, but something I want to save. I also would like another one that I can do the same after I get my extra garage. Lastly, I want a vert for my wife and I to drive for fun. Then, when all is said and done.....I have one to give each of my sons and one for my wife and I to keep. I admit, these cars are sickness with me. I have always loved them ..... now, I have my boys interested in them ..... unfortunately, wife - just doesn't care about cars period. Thanks again for all the suggestions. Marc
  12. Thanks Barney, I always appreciate your help and insight. About a year ago, I was going to get that done, but after reading so much about the system, I was afraid to touch something that was working. The teves system appears to be fragile and from the horror stories, not fun to deal with. I have spoken with three mechanics, one of which has been taking care of my cars for 35 years. None of them want to touch this part of my car. I will gee if my son can help me flush, bleed and drain the system. Thanks
  13. My 88 has not had an issue with the brake system since I owned it and now a little more than 2000 miles. Honestly, it spends most of the time in the garage, but I start it and let it run regularly with a short drive up and down the drive.. About a month ago, I noticed both break service lights (red and yellow abs) were staying on longer after I started the car. Now, sometimes for more than 10 seconds I look at them and pray they will go out. So far, so good; however, I fear there is a major task ahead of me and with the health issues I am having - I am not ready to deal with it yet. My questions are..... 1.) Am I correct in my assumption that something major is on the horizon, or is there something that may be minor in nature and I am not seeing it? 2.) Assuming Q1 answer is not what I was hoping for.....Is there anything simple that I can do that would prolong the functionality of the system? Thanks. Marc
  14. mhuffy

    MY NEW CAR!!

    Congrats - enjoy.
  15. mhuffy

    BOPC Car Show

    I am only about 3 hours away, but it is suppose to rain. I don't want to get my car out in it. I'll watch the weather and, if it appears to permit - I will be there. Marc
  16. It takes discipline not to pick up that phone or read and respond to that text. We lived for years without cell phones. Just today, I mistakenly left my phone at home. I was at one of my stores about 80 miles away with the majority of the rid via a 2 lane highway through the hills of southern Indiana. I must tell you, it was the most enjoyable trip I have made in months. Imagine - possibly save a life, and enjoy your drive at the same time. Chuck, I echo your remarks. My sympathies to the family of our member for their tragic loss.
  17. Working well on my end. Using Firefox as well. IE was causing too many problems.
  18. When I rescued my 88 it had sat since 2003 as it died and would not start again. It ended up being the crank sensor, as it appears is the problem of majority. My mechanic gave me a tester that would plug into the electrical connection of a fuel injector. I then used another tester to plug into my number 1 cylinder plug. When I turned the key - the motor cranked, but there was no power going to either. I realize that not every mechanic will give his tools out, (mine probably only did since I have been a good customer of his since 1975), but I would think these can be either rented or borrowed from places like Auto Zone or Advanced, Just as previously posted, these are just regular gasoline engines - you need spark and fuel to run. Other things to run right, but the spark and fuel is the first step. Welcome to the forum and good luck with your car. Feel free to post a couple pics and be sure to list particulars in your signature line.
  19. I actually took it to my mechanic. He told me of this common problem; however, he said mine is another piece that is broken in the tilt mechanism that he cannot get. I will have to do some more research to get the part name and number. Maybe someone can get it. Thanks for the help. Marc
  20. I really like the mileage deduction.....My will says: "being of unsound mind and not much body - he spent it while he was here."
  21. I am at the point where it is time to pressure wash the engine. I seem to remember conversations, but cannot find the threads, where there were some starting issues and advice how to avoid complications. I am not going to do the pressure washing myself, but working with a reputable detailing company that typically does car reconditioning for dealerships. They have expressed some concern about doing under the hood on such an old car. Any areas they should avoid heavy amounts of water or pressure? Any precautionary measures to take? Thanks.
  22. They look sharp. Thanks. Good luck with your re-power. Marc
  23. I have a wobble at the tilt nuckle. Is that what you are talking about?
  24. What kind of rims and what size did you have on that pic?