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  1. Wish I was in a position to do this. Would be a nice addition.
  2. When I lived in Miami, I had a headliner replaced in a sedan and I was shocked it was costing 65.00. I guess with age comes a failure to understand inflation - I someone would have said 300, let alone 650, I would have reached for heart medicine.
  3. Padgett, I am lost here - where did you hear that there is an undamaged SS in Illinois. I have tried to read this thread from top to bottom.
  4. I am down in Bedford and looked at one for sale about a little over a year ago in the Carmel area at a dealer. Is this possibly that one? If you get a price for the whole care - be sure to let me know. I may be interested. Marc
  5. I have had Nationwide Insurance for 25 years. My agent tells me to add and delete coverage as I need. While sitting in my garage, I only keep a minimal comprehensive coverage. When I was planning on going to Iowa, I added the collision and liability, etc. I didn't go and canceled the coverage. This was all at his suggestion. He had me go to a specific shop to have my car appraised and some pictures taken in case there ever was a claim. I can even add and delete coverage myself online if I need to make a last minute change on the weekend or something. I considered looking into the other
  6. When I switch to the guage view on the 88 CRT, it will go to nearly H most of the time. What I go by is the digital reading which readily changes appropriately from 195 to as high as 220 on rare occasion. Also, the idiot light never comes on. When it gets nearly 210, I will turn on the a/c and it will drop back to around 200. On the 88, I don't remember which cooling fan runs when. Marc
  7. I have not changed my thermostat, but it seems to be around 180 also. I get really excited when the temperature gets to 210 on the digital readout. What is the normal operating temperature on the car? For some reason, I was thinking less than 210. In fact, in town, I will run the a/c just to run the fans continuously to help keep the engine temp cooler.
  8. Hey Barney....there are a few other topics that often come up as well. Quick fixes for the brake system? Cruise control will not work? There is a water leak around my windows. Thanks for the chuckle.
  9. Thanks everyone for the help; however, I must say to the last suggestion by Mc_Reatta.....it may be an effective alternative - size 13s and flat feet cover a lot of surface area.......LOL. I have resigned myself to bleed first, my son will be able to help in a couple weeks. Until then - I will take it easy on the pedal and allow sufficient time to pressurize.
  10. I don't really need the anti-lock either, but that is the way it came from the factory and I want to keep it as close to original as possible.
  11. Thanks - I think I may order a couple. Dave, I used to have 2. 1 was a driver and this one I have tried to resurrect. I sold the driver to someone that would appreciate it. My 88 is my toy. It is not perfect, but something I want to save. I also would like another one that I can do the same after I get my extra garage. Lastly, I want a vert for my wife and I to drive for fun. Then, when all is said and done.....I have one to give each of my sons and one for my wife and I to keep. I admit, these cars are sickness with me. I have always loved them ..... now, I have my boys interested
  12. Thanks Barney, I always appreciate your help and insight. About a year ago, I was going to get that done, but after reading so much about the system, I was afraid to touch something that was working. The teves system appears to be fragile and from the horror stories, not fun to deal with. I have spoken with three mechanics, one of which has been taking care of my cars for 35 years. None of them want to touch this part of my car. I will gee if my son can help me flush, bleed and drain the system. Thanks
  13. My 88 has not had an issue with the brake system since I owned it and now a little more than 2000 miles. Honestly, it spends most of the time in the garage, but I start it and let it run regularly with a short drive up and down the drive.. About a month ago, I noticed both break service lights (red and yellow abs) were staying on longer after I started the car. Now, sometimes for more than 10 seconds I look at them and pray they will go out. So far, so good; however, I fear there is a major task ahead of me and with the health issues I am having - I am not ready to deal with it yet. My que
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