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  1. Well I had a great summer last year. Got her all legal and been cruising around local carshows cruises , ect . Looking forward to spring . Anyone looking for info on my 32 Pontiac Six . My build thread has been moved to ; http://rustybowtie.com/index.php?topic=545.0 Im still looking for info on the pinstripes if someone could clarify, that would be great ? :cool:
  2. Most of the reason this became so interesting to me was that monument . I got so tired of carshows and people with their shiney cars ranting about how someone touched it or was too close. The alluring thing is people used those cars on dirt roads and weren't scared to get alittle dirty. They used the cars for what they were built for and they were built tuff . That's all there was "dirt roads". Im a jeeper at heart but I cant wait till I can get my old school car on the Lincoln highway this next year. I may even show up to a carshow all dirty just because I can. Don't worry I wont stay long cause I'd rather be driving. Im also making a hitch to tow my teardrop behind it. Graet lookin car 48lincoln drive it ALOT .
  3. When the west coast tour comes through Utah its mostly dirt for about 200 miles. Here's those pics . A year earlier I went camping and saw this monument that got me started on this whole thing. Its just past Rush Valley going west. On the way to meet the pack. Long dirt road ahead. We still had about 175 miles of this before we saw cars. Cars with a long road ahead of them . There was only bad section of road with major washboard but it was just a few miles. A fun trip. Gonna do it again but with my 32 next time. ..
  4. Hmm, nobody ???? Thought there would be a few from here .
  5. Did anyone on here do the Lincoln Hwy trip this year ? Post pics,stories, ect . Im from Utah and wanted to take my car but ran into "getting it legal issues" . So I took my Cherokee and met up with them just as they entered into Utah . We wanted to follow them on the dirt road back to SLC but only had enuf gas left to get to Wendover . Saw some great cars and are planning next years trip . I'll post pics in a few days when im home .
  6. Well . Got her on the road.
  7. I don't care much for that show. But, I watched just for the car and was glad they left it alone. Please keep it original. Not many of these cars around anymore. Can we have some pics without the stupid girl. She's killing it . (not good) . Id like to see more of the interior . I noticed you don't have the marker lights on the fenders. Is that something the previous owner discarded ? Great car, drive the hell out of it .
  8. Wow . I cant believe its been a year since Ive been on here . Anyone interested in this build ??? Its almost ready to get street legal. Just need a winsheild and a few small things. (Post comments on here cause the site its on, is under construction) .
  9. Here's the latest on my build . (site no longer funtioning)
  10. Al right , I got my info a few days later and this is what I came up . I found a section of somewhat clean paint in the engine bay where the hood covers. After checking over and over I pushed the car outside and came up with 2072 (Slate Blue) . The other blue that was close had a hint of green that showed up when outside. Also found out I have the standard sedan wich the horn is in the enginebay not dual horns on the headlights. I have the info I was sent on the Ride Control but nothing on what fluids go in these shocks or steering box ? I also have a question on the pinstripe(s). What goes where , Cream, Red ? I still owe AACA a few bucks for the photocopys they sent me . Is there an owners maual I can get or something close ?
  11. I sent in my form a while ago and they sent me back the info I needed to purchase , so I sent in a check with the info back to the library. I havent recieved anything in the mail yet . Its been 6 weeks and then some. Dont worry Im not complaining just eagerly awaiting for the info on this cool old car. Mabey something happend in the mail or such , X-mas and all.
  12. well I sent in my research request and got a list of what they had. Sent in the fee , its been 2 weeks Im hoping its slow mail. getting anxious.
  13. Thank you much for the help. :)
  14. Thanks for the welcome. I was gonna send in a check with the request form , kinda wery about purchasing stuff over the internet. I didnt see an address to send it to. (unless I overlooked it)
  15. Has anyone had any luck sending in the research request form ? looking for more info on my 32 pontiac sedan. (possibly a canadian car) Paint , ride control , ect..
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