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  1. Talked with Emblemagic this morning and they say they don't do those Fedco badges. Any other recommendations?
  2. Well looks like I got it off. Scared the crap out of me. Now I just need someone to restore it. Any recommendations?
  3. I'm wanting to remove me fedco badge but I do not want to damage it. Any one got some advice?
  4. Nice catch on the Studebaker. Thanks
  5. Just got this photo spruced up from an old photo of my great grandpa. Looks to me that the car is a 32 Cad. But not sure of model.
  6. Or if someone really feels the need to make amends, please send much needed parts for my Chrysler.
  7. Please, no apologies from anyone. This thread became very much more interesting than just figuring out what kind of auto we had seen. The humor was very much appreciated and please feel free to air your puns. It is fun to communicate with others in there own special way. That is why we are here. Thanks
  8. I'd like to know "what" prudent and necessary precautions are needed to stay married for 44 yrs. This thread went totally sideways on me. I love it.
  9. All these were in a fenced lot with no one around. I may have to go back and check on them.
  10. Not sure what this is. Any help? Think it's a panhard
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