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  1. I was playing around with resizing pictures and thought I would post a few pictures. The 64 and 65 are AMT kits in 1/25 scale. The 65 is pretty easy to find but the 64 is a bit harder because they changed the molds when the 65's came out. The 72 is a resin kit made by Modelhaus and is kind of pricey but it is a nice kit that comes with everything except an engine. I would love to own one of all the different Riviera years but unless I win the lottery that's not going to happen but you can do it in a smaller scale...
  2. The u-joint on my 55 broke and it punched holes in the inner torque ball retainer so I ordered a new torque ball kit from Cars but it only has the outer retainer. Any ideas where I can find an inner retainer? I think I can repair the one I have but I would like to find an undamaged one. Thanks Keith
  3. I'm pretty sure that is his car. A few years ago at the Peterson Musuem in L.A. they had an exhibit called "Rock Stars and their cars" and I remember seeing a black '65 that was owned by Steve Miller on display. I thought at the time it could have used some restoring... Keith
  4. Thanks Old Tank, I have a call into Wheatbelt-hopefully he will have something. Keith
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking for a front u-jount for a '55 Special, Kantner lists one but says they are no longer available. I have also tried Cars but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks Keith
  6. I always liked that line from a Ray Charles song- "It should have been me, driving that Dynaflow"...
  7. If your willing to part with it I will take it. Let me know how much with shipping and I will send you a check. Thanks Keith
  8. Hi Dan, I have some friends who have a 57 four door Special that have been looking for one of those floor mats for a while. I can put you in touch with them, I know they would be thrilled to get it. Thanks Keith
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