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  1. Paulrhd29NZ is correct. Actually the one shown in the photo is a 29 Hudson Biddle and Smart custom bodied car rose patterned handle. They are even more ornate than the normal pine cone version. Geoff Clark, in the HET club has a source for the pot metal parts. The replacements are brass. geoffclark@xtra.co.nz
  2. Essex door handles have a threaded pot metal part that surrounds the shaft. This part has a 5/8 or 11/16 square head that is used to unwind the part. This part holds the handle in. Be very careful as the pot metal usually breaks under pressure. There are brass replacements available if needed Lewis Mendenhall Essex 6 Technical Advisor Hudson, Essex, Teraplane Club
  3. How did your sale go? Did any of the parts return home? Did the car sell? thanks Lew
  4. When you have 2 garages, each of which are bigger than my home. I do! Oh and my shop is not in either.
  5. Let's talk about the Terraplane. First off, parts are much easier to find for I t than the Pearce. Even the missing water manifold can still be found NOS. the Hudson club was founded by drivers in 1959. This was only 2 years after the manufacturing stopped. As dealers changed loyalties or went out of business many of the obsolete parts were bought up by club members. This accounts for the high level of parts availability. The Terraplane 8, was based on the Essex6 which was first sold in 1926. It is a sound, tested, well engineered drivetrain. It is a far more drivable car than the low level Pierce. The power to weight ratio is the best in the industry at the time The car is easy to steer, smooth riding and generally a lot more enjoyable to drive in modern traffic. I have driven each of the top five 30's luxury cars. The are down right regal. But fun to drive they ain't. Smooth, true.. Good handling not! They are luxurious, big and great for what they are... But for me, I would prefer to drive the Terraplane Thought I might need to add here, I have never owned a Terraplane so this isn't pride of ownership speaking. Just my opinion after driving more 20's and 30's cars than most people. When I started collecting AACA didn't recognize cars newer than 1929. These cars were what were around. Hope I helped a bit... My intention was not to malign any car just give my prospective on driving them