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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures. Looks like a great event
  2. Well deserved Tom, Your years of hard work have resulted in a magnificent car. some other beautiful cars also posted in this thread.
  3. sure looks good, your perseverance is paying dividends
  4. and nothing gives a convertible a more complete look than when the top is down and the boot is on.
  5. I see that a 1940 Lincoln Convertible formerlly owned by Babe Ruth is going to be in the Pebble Beach auction. I thought it may be fun for forum members to go on record with estimates of what the net selling price will be. (not including auction fees) I say $95,000.00 what say you?
  6. nice touch on the bumper guard. Know you have been looking to do that for a while now.
  7. I was just driving on Pacific Coast Highway & saw a silver Continental Coupe Post War in Corona Del Mar at a gas station. Never seen this car in the area before, wondering if the owner is a forum member?
  8. Thanks for the replies, Always great to hear progress reports. Tom, sounds like you are slacking a bit (sarcasm)
  9. Wondering if anyone wants to share what projects they are doing on their Lincoln this winter?
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