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  1. Thank you, all for responding.
  2. Does anyone know of a shop in the Raleigh, North Carolina area that can repair a three-inch crack in a cast iron engine block?
  3. Mpgp1999, I do not know if the 1938 is the same, but on a 1934, the four-digit key code for the door lock and the ignition key is stamped on the door handle's shaft. Check the door handle to see if it has the code, and if it does, contact one of the lock smiths that advertises in the vintage auto magazines to see if they can cut a key for your lock.
  4. Impala, do you have the other half of the cover?
  5. 42319DB34, are you asking if the tire cover in my first post is for sale?
  6. Can anyone identify this tire cover? I suspect the Chevrolet emblem is glued on. The Chevy guys say it is not Chevrolet
  7. The reservoir will not remain full. Fill it and give it time to work. You should add oil only when the bearing is squeaking.
  8. Perhaps enough oil has not yet seeped into the bearing. If, over time, the reservoir's oil-level is going down, keep adding oil.
  9. 34studepres, how are you lubricating the throwout bearing with it in the car?
  10. Mcdarrunt, I don't know of any assembly manuals for a 1934 Master, but if you have any questions, ask away. Also, there are many people over at the Chevy Chatter that enjoy helping. https://vccachat.org/
  11. Bill, did you encounter a problem obtaining a good electrical ground for the bulbs with the coated reflectors?
  12. Indianfour, thank you for the reply. My email is: wmasters50@charter.net.
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