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  1. Any recommendations for transitioning from detergent to non-detergent oil?
  2. I had tried the two screen method you suggested: still didn't accept either answer. But today I got on with the 153624. Apparently the site was just having a bad moment. Thanks for your responses.
  3. Thanks, guys. The questions were firing order and the difference between a club coupe and a business coupe. The site didn't like 153624 or rear seat. I'll try again.
  4. Trying to register for the P15-D24 forum: they don't like my answers to either of the two authentication questions. Thanks for any suggestions. Fred
  5. And season's greetings to you. Is that SAAB a '57, '58, or '59?
  6. "I got this (type name of least favorite car here) for my wife. Best deal I ever made."
  7. Hey, Taylormade. Thought your name looked familiar. I followed your saga,trials, tribulations and great successes with Daphne. Wonderful work.
  8. Sorry, Spinneyhill. I misunderstood your reference. Just found what you were talking about in my 1952 Chilton's! That $13.30 had me all excited - love to save money. (My mother's maiden name was Sutherland.)
  9. Just found it on the Hollander site - for $47!
  10. Thanks , Taylormade. I'll check with them first thing Monday.
  11. Thank you, Spinneyhill. Where did you see the manual advertised for $13.30?
  12. Hello all, Does anyone have or know of... 1. a possible source for the manifolds for a '51 Dodge? Or... 2. what other makes or years might interchange? And/or... 3. where I might find a Hollander that would cover through '51 (mine stops in '48)? Grateful for any help. Thanks, Fred
  13. Sorry, no. I'm just getting into Chrysler stuff.
  14. Thanks so much for this very complete answer.
  15. The wire from the choke pull-off runs directly to the starter on my '51 Wayfarer which the wiring diagram shows is correct. Does this energize only while the starter is operating and, if so, how does it open the choke? Or does it rely more on manifold heat? Thanks.
  16. Took my test on my 16th birthday in a '56 Ford Ranch Wagon, 6 cylinders and a 3 speed. The old cuss of an examiner made me parallel park in a hill!
  17. My Wayfarer has a fluid drive coupling with a clutch and a three-speed transmission behind it. You need to use the clutch only to put it into first or reverse; then you can shift through all three gears after every stop or simply drive it as an automatic - just use the brake to stop. It will accelerate slooowly in third gear without using the clutch.
  18. Thanks c49er; that's helpful information. I've got a reprint of the "Dodge Passenger Car Shop Manual" which indicates 10W on page 7 of section 18. But if they were prone to leaking with the light oil then it makes no sense to follow that recommendation, especially after getting everything cleaned up and replacing the seal and the emergency brake lining. Thanks again. Fred
  19. Thanks, Joe. We've got one pretty close by.
  20. So I'm getting acquainted with my '51 Wayfarer and check the transmission level. It's been wetting itself - e-brake is too well-lubricated, etc. - and the stuff I find inside is dark and smells like gear oil. Obviously I need to find some 10W, drain what's in there, and flush(?) before refilling with the right oil. I'm wondering if the previous owner wanted to slow the leak by using heavier lubricant and ignored factory recommendations, didn't know better, or had trouble finding the 10W? I'm hoping NAPA has it. Thanks for your thoughts. Fred
  21. Thanks to all but I found the keys! Duplicates are in the works!!! Fred
  22. Thanks, Spinneyhill & Ian - always good to have options.
  23. Lost the keys to my '51 Wayfarer, doors locked, etc. Any suggestions for "breaking in" so I can at least hot wire and move it? Many thanks.