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  1. I have had 2 model 69 Overlands.Traded one for a 1911 EMF demi..To discribe the Overlands in one word Fantastic.Great performance,reliable,comfortable,all around good cars.As with most early cars they have their problems.Just like EMF they suffer from transaxel issues.But I feel the are one of the best brass era cars for the money.Like others have stated that Model T Fords are great cars which I agree ( I own 3 Ts} but ht Overland is still my favorite.Phil
  2. Thanks Steve.I actually have a straight dash and believe that the coil location would be the same as a CDO.My car still has the original battery box which now contains a 12 volt motor cycle battery and a ford T coil.I would guess that the original coil mounted near the battery box.I was hoping that some one might have a CDO with the coil in its proper mounting location. Thanks, Phil
  3. I just obtained a original type(Oldsmobile special)coil and wonder where it was originally mounted ?Phil
  4. Glen Snyder in Nazereth Pa. does a great job.
  5. Is K gap still in business?There online catalog has been closed for maintenance,htie email comes back undelivered.I am finnishing up a 54 Hornet and need door seals ,windshield rubber and many other items.Is there another supplier if they are no longer in business? Thanks Phil
  6. Cyl #1and #2 low, hmm ,sounds like the head gasket between the cylinders are leaking between each other.
  7. Tony Lauria 511 church hill road Landenberg Pa. 19350 610-268-3441 Google him for more info.
  8. Used Fremans about 10 years ago while restorin a 62 Olds S.F. conv.He was very helpful his parts were rust free and the prices were fair.Over all I was happy dealing with him.Phil
  9. I had a shift lever on a 12 Oakland "brass plated"It was first plated with copper then nickel then a thin brass plating was applied.In a few years of use the brass started to wear thin exposing the nickel.
  10. It says it was built at the end of the 20th century,that makes it 12-13 years old !!! right?It appears that this "genious" had to much time on his hands.
  11. I use PENN BRAD in my flathead Fords.It is the only oil Isky recomends to be used with their cams.
  12. Now for the real mystery!! MARVEL MYSTERY OIL.Now this is a real mystery.The late and great Harold Sharron at a seminar in Phila. declared it more of a mystery than a oil. Phil
  13. Agree,sounds like a stuck check valve.It is a steel ball located between the pump and the cylinder.Most likley located under a plug in the housing.Phil
  14. As much as people "Bash"Ebay.If you are patient you can find almost anything you are looking for.I have found parts that would almost be imposible to find at flea markets.Phil
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