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  1. richentee


    If you are not already, then join the Franklin Club. You can do it online at their website: www.franklincar.org. You will find access to all the technical information you need plus the help of the Club's experts. Also, it is a great, friendly club.
  2. Citristrip paint remover, good gloves, a well-aired space, plastic scrapers, then sandpaper.
  3. In the west, George Garrigan at the VIntage Wheel Shop 19842 Via Redondo Sonora, CA 95370 (209) 533-0468 has done good work for several people including myself.
  4. I do not believe any such thing (repair manual) exists...at least I have never seen one. You are really on you own (or using help from others more experienced) here. As far as items like "light oil" are concerned, in reality almost any motor oil today (30 wt, 10-30, 10-40, etc.) is likely to be of better quality than any oil from 1909. As these runabouts are total loss oil systems, I wouldn't spend any money on quality oils, they don't recirculate in the motor, they just burn or drip away. Heavy oils were for gears. As I remember, oil is added to greased joints (the universals and the
  5. Franklin used aluminum also, from start to near the end.
  6. Scott, I'm looking for S9 connecting rods with the letter "B" cast in the web of the shaft, just below the piston pin opening. The part number is 21117. Thanks, Chuck
  7. You might try the monthly Pomona swap meet: http://www.pomonaswapmeet.com/event-info/car-show-hours-dates/
  8. Looks like there is no fan on the front G, thus 1906. There might be a D or two in the center. Need a hirez picture.
  9. richentee

    oxford leather

    Tom--what or where is the light line?
  10. richentee

    oxford leather

    Two pictures from Frank Lyon's 1929 135 Oxford Sedan: the leather's color was a subtle grey-blue, not well represented in the photographs. Pardon the cluttered rear seat.
  11. richentee

    oxford leather

    There is a 12b Oxford sedan for sale on ebay right now. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/221797466816?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT) Among the pictures is one of a door covered with leather.
  12. Check out both The H.H. Franklin Club web site (www.franklincar.org); join the Club; and you can find help at the Franklin Group below. Great Club; great car.
  13. Unfortunately, the above Renault-front is an air-cooled Franklin, not a French Renault.
  14. Quite a few western Franklin people will show up both for the swap meet, but more so to mingle and eat at the Webb's BBQ; maybe 30-40 people or more.
  15. Regarding resilvering glass mirrors in acetylene lamps (mangin mirrors); they are back silvered and should be relatively simple to resilver. Google "resilvering glass mirrors" and you can find instructions.
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