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    Love working on cars,Happily Married for 25 years.
  2. breather

    Fuses Diagram

    need a fuses diagram for a 1990 Buick Reatta. I need the diagram for the passenger's side fuse box. I have the cover for the driver's side. Thank you much!!
  3. breather

    fuel tank assembly

    Hi Reatta PEEPS, I have a 1990 Reatta coupe that needs a fuel tank assembly. The one presently in the tank is broken and the fuel indicator float is not functioning. Does anyone have one that works or know if any other Buick's Fuel Tank assembly will work?? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  4. My battery and fuel gauges don't work on my 1990 Buick Reatta. I tried two other instrument clusters that I'm certain works. Any ideas??? Is there a fuse that might be the culprit??
  5. breather

    Fuse Block diag

    wher can I find a 1990 Buick Reatta fuse Block Diagram??
  6. breather

    Where do I go??

    Where does this flloor transmission linkage get attached to?? It's under the dash after the steering column was taken out. See attachment. Thank you!
  7. breather

    Tranny linkage

    On a 1990 Buick Reatta, where does the transmission shift linkage connect on the steering column?? Any diagrams or pictures?? Tham\nks in advance.
  8. breather

    1990 Reatta star and shut off problem

    Thank you zoltand for your answer.
  9. breather

    What's Next??

    From my 1990 Buick Reatta. This is as far as I've gotten! Seemd like something around the ignition cylinder is holding the case in from being removed. Do I have to remove the cylinder, or is something else holding it on?? All the bolts and screws have been removed that are visible. Please HELP!! Thank you in advance!!
  10. breather

    1990 Reatta star and shut off problem

    Thank you for answering my post! Which bearings are you referring to?? Do you by chance know of a diagram showing these?? Thanks again>
  11. I have a 1990 Reatta coupe. Since I've owned this car, around 3 1/2 years, the steering wheel did not stay totally locked when adjusted up or down. There was always a diagnal play to the left and down of the steering wheel. That hasn't posed much of a problem until a few days ago. When I first get into the car to start it, it won't start. The key will go to the start position and nothing! I have to play with the steering wheel positions until somehow I hit the right one and it starts. When I get to my destination, It won't shut off! Again I have to play with the steering wheel until I get it into the right position to shut off. When I get back into the car to start it, the same steering wheel sequence has to be done until the car starts. I get home and it doesn't shut off again. The key will turn but is wobbly as if the whole ignition could pop out!. I am searchig around for a different steering wheel from a 1990-1991 Reatta or a 1990 -1991 Rivera. What do you precious souls think??
  12. breather

    Electrical Problem

    C. Ortiz, My name is breather and I have a bone to pick with you. You replied to my thread and instead of posting a help to my electrical problem, you posted you own. I think this is really rude of you to do so! Next time, start a new thread of your own to get an answer to your problem. You are new to this Forum and need to learn the coutesies of posting.
  13. breather

    Electrical Problem

    I have a 1990 Reatta Base Coupe. The Electrical Problem light is on as well as the battery and fuel gauge are not operative. Are there any fuses that control these gauges?? How could I check to see what is going on?? Any help would be appreciated as this Reatta is my DD at this time.
  14. breather

    IPC Speedo Question

    The numerical raeding of the MPH does not show. How Come???
  15. breather

    273 Heads and intake for sale

    I have a set of 273 heads and intake with 2bbl carb for sall for $30.00 plus shipping. It came off my 1964 Plymouth Valiant Signett 200 after replacing them with 318 heads and intake. The motor had approximately 70,000 miles. Nothing wrong with heads&intake, just wanted to up the power a lil bit.