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  1. I don't have any to help, but i had similar problem with my '55 Special - i needed 2 door door handles, which were expensive. Ended up wit gamble - i bought 4 door door handle lot, and rear ones were the same. Won big $ then :). Maybe it will help you.
  2. I have power seat in '55 Special, so that animal indeed does exist... Problem is, i'm in Poland If you would not find such a seat in US i am willing to ship as cheap as i can find. I think that only seat track is different, seat is the same power/non power. My power seat is in rather unknown state, i can get it out of storage and see what it's worth.
  3. No, not yet. My project is stalled at the moment, and bezels are last thing i need right now.
  4. Mr. Earl - profile will be updated, i promise. I'm in Poland. Making new ones is not so pricey, one new, cast from aluminium, bezel would cost ~$100, but there is still chroming to do... And ~$200 a piece? I don't know. How much can cost restoration of one bezel in USA guys? Lancemb - i consider sending all my pot metal to USA for restoration, just not at that point in time. Thanks anyway for your great offer!
  5. This is hard to buy thing. I am searching for that bezels for about 3 years now. All are in "desperate need for chrome" state, unfortunately, in my country no one does good pot metal restoration. I considered pouring them from aluminium and then chroming new ones. But i wish you good luck, if you find more than you need - let me know. I need one (maybe two) in good driver condition.
  6. I need headlight trim in good/driver condition. Could You show me some some photos of it? I need 1 or 2 of these bezels.
  7. If You're in Germany, then you have Wroclaw in Poland quite nearby. My friend there can do miracles with such parts. PM me and i'll give you his contact info. He does many jobs for german customers.
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1955-BUICK-2-DOOR-TRIM-Special-Passenger-Quarter-Panel-/141271085871?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item20e469b32f&vxp=mtr ??
  9. Unfortunately so. Trim sometimes could be found on ebay, but headlamp rings are very hard to find in decent state. I'm thinking about pouring them in a foundry from aluminium... not quite expensive in Poland. I have already 5 pieces and only one is in rechromable state.
  10. Hello, I need headlamp bezels for '55 Special, at least driver quality or in rechromable state (with only light pitting). Also i need moustache bar. Although i'm from Poland, shipping would be inside US. Please help me getting these parts
  11. I You would be so kind. 2 years of searching It doesn't help that i'm in Poland. Please let me know if You can find them.
  12. I'm looking for decent front headlight bezels, in rechromable state. Are they available?
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