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  1. This DELCO p/n is discontinued and not available as well.
  2. Not sure about the ghost...but these radios tend to go bad.. I had cases of radio on with no reception/signal or sudden shutting down and coming up. Had problems with replacements and wanted to stay with the OEM. Finally found a repair shop that fixed it all for $100. You may need to do the same.
  3. This one is from a Buick Regal, Does it fits the TC ? http://www.napaonline.com/Catalog/CatalogItemDetail.aspx/Brake-Pressure-Accumulator/_/R-NBB529702ACC_0453642785
  4. Hemi dude thanks for the explanations though I did see releasing the gas(above the diagram) before removal in other car brand (clips in you tube). What's the latest in ordering accumulator for our cars? Amazon don't have it or have only have it for other cars, TC-parts are out of stock, spinning wheels out of stock, gm-supercharge.com site don't work. Is their known email address mentioned in the past works? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks !
  5. Very good information Digger914, thank you! I am surprised that the accumulator does not have a release valve for the gas before removing the accumulator from the standoff. This is a basic precaution step in any accumulator removal( at least in aircrafts use). I would like one more time to clarify the latest on the accumulator. Many previous discussions here about the part number and where to buy it. I did see the accumulator in Amazon and question if it adequate. TC-parts is always a good source as well as as ebay.
  6. The Reatta test didn't help much to understand the cause, worming lights come and go in every tap on the brake pedal. Pump and indications work fine. I don't think it is related to electrical problem rather to braking pressure. The common sence say change accumulator first before changing the all module. I guess people replace the accumulator by them self and there are some precaution to take place before. I'll need to read previous posts about it.
  7. First thing first...simple key on check showed the pump worked fine and the lights go off. This is true with engine running too. The pump stop working assuming the accumulator is charged and the lights go off. Quick tapping the pedal and the lights come on and go off. Gentle slow tapping on the pedal do not turn on the lights. Is that a clue to something? My wild guess is the accumulator do not hold enough pressure and the pump momentary compensate it. Going to do the Reatta brake troubleshooting process and record the results. hopefully it's only the accumulator and not the all actuator assembly, this will probably the next item to replace. That probably meaning ending up with an extra accumulator...
  8. I'm interested in the radio if it the radio and the cassett working good. Send a picture to skisearch at yahoo.com if you can. To be shipped to 98004. Thanks Shay
  9. Thank you all for the great response.i will definitely go back and read past posts on this issue before deciding what to do. Sounds like modifying the brake system(no ABS) is not that recommended and beside who would like to deal with insurance anyway? The repair shop first comment was bad brake pump. They notice that when the engine is off pedal sink too much sign of internal leak. Lights are treagered from switches inside the pump. I would leave the car for analysis before changing parts. I'm not sure if changing the accumulator along solved the issues in the past. Sound like the self accumulator test leads to decisions that may not solve the problem. I saw that TC PARTS are selling remanufactured pumps. Did anyone have experience those. Any information about pump part number or good place to buy will be appticated. Thanks again!
  10. I read online that LeBaron brake pump without ABS (4 wheels) will fit and will be much more affordable. Any comments?
  11. Antilock and brake lights (on the left side warning lights panel) coming on momentary when stepping on the brake pedal. They turn off immediately after.. Any idea what is it? Thx.
  12. I have 4 Maserati OEM rims with center caps for sale. All in good shape, no damages, may need polish. $80 each + shipping from Seattle
  13. Major mechanical face lift were done just couple of month ago (have receipts) and includes: Complete valve guides replacement include head gasket (eliminate smoking and oil leaks), Timing belt and water pump replacement, Engine tune up, battery. All Shocks replacement and alignment, Brakes replacement all wheels, New tiers. Hood lift supports, Transmission control module. The car has the original soft top(lock downs work fine) small wear up. Small wear on the driver seat. The usual fuzzy. All together the car is driving perfect and ready for the next 25 years. Asking price $9200
  14. I didn't know about a button, I always used the key which is a pain. Where is it? These lids are pretty heavy.
  15. After years of debats, it was finally done the right way. Major heads rebuild with new valve guides solved the embaracing smoking while standing idle in red light and other cases. Eliminate all leakage!!! At this opportunity replaced water pump timing belt, other old water tubes and tune up. In addition, replaced original four struts, steering rod ends, alignment and tiers. Real project car...with tons of TLC and close to 200K real miles. Now she is ready for the next 200k miles :-)) any buyers ?
  16. I have an extra set of four OEM wheels in reasonable condition for sale. The maserati center cap a little faded.
  17. It's an interesting other way to deal with this. However, it is not that straight forward and complicated with shipping and installing. It may be a good way to go for a project car sits in your garage for weeks and more. No, I don't speak Korean and probably never will, finding a mechanic that will can do it in his home garage IS challenging and I don't think there will be much guaranty there. The shop I talk to have experience with older cars and actually did the work on Le Barron engine (2-3 days work). It's big enough job to give to a reliable shop and secure rework if needed for smoke, leaks etc. As said its not cheap but really the only way to go. My car has 200K miles. The timing was replaced at 110k and it might be a good idea to do it all together. Thanks for the advise anyway!
  18. Good source of information, thank you digger 914. I was comaring an engine replacement to head work(valve guides). In many cases engine is not available. Valve guides/ head work cost 2k maybe a bit more with the timing and water pump. I will have to check your site too now. Any experience with this guys ?
  19. Thank you Marty 14, Repair kit, will that do it? Is the kit includes repair parts to be replace? As said, the antenna motor works once the radio turn on and off. It's something in the mechanism that extend the antenna.
  20. Unfortunately, It's a very temporary fix and doesn't last like other suggestions. The smoking is a know problem and the only real fix is to replace the valve guides. After few years with embarrassing smoking standing in lights, and stop and go drives in town, I am considering to fix it for good. Not cheep but need to be done if we think to drive these cars for few more years.
  21. Accumulation of issues with the sound system, radio is turning off by it self randomly. removed wires checked, cleaned, nothing looks bad. Driver door speaker removed, had static noises...AND today the antenna not folding and in mid position. Not related to clean and lubing. Antenna motor works fine, seems like internal cable or plastic gear worn out. Does anyone have these parts in reasonable condition ? Thank you!
  22. It's $600 for good repair and replacing the panel. Choose to wait...
  23. I lost it a week ago, believed it got loose and fell. All the rest is just fine. Really don't need the broken one. It is only the left side. $60 sounds reasonable if it's in a good shape. Shay
  24. Successfully removed from the car, not such an easy job, 3 screws with no access. Needed to remove the left head light for that. As said, looks like the lens fell off, the rest is ok. So far, it looks that the all assembly will need to be replaced. Still looking.
  25. Hello everyone, I had noticed that I lost the plastic cover of the front white turning light driver side. There was no crashing on something, looks like it just fell off. The bulb and the reflector in place. Does anyone have spare one on for sale? Appreciate the help and advice.
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