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  1. There's a guy up around here that takes your stock radio and turns into a modern style FM radio while totally maintaining the stock look. I may do that some time but then you are still limited to what you can put in there for speakers using the original locations. If I could find the optional rear speaker I wouldn't mind getting that, currently I'm quite enjoying the quiet when I drive.
  2. Thanks for decoding that Ed! It has power windows, the crank you see is for the vent window. No I don't think it has a rear speaker, I'm pretty sure that's a solid plate, I assume it would be there between the seats if it had it. The radio doesn't work. It didn't come with a tilt columnn but it has one now, the former owner found a correct one and installed it so that's a bonus. He also had the front seats recoverd, the rest of the interior is original The balck on blue is a great combination, the first time I ever saw that combo was in a mid 50's Cadillac and I loved it. Odds are I'll keep it
  3. Before I start, my most humble apologies to Jake for totally hijacking his thread Well oddly enough the color I really like is also a Ford color but in my defense a very rare one, odds are you've never seen it, specific to a very rare car. I do actually think black with that lighter blue interior looks great so I may keep it that way but who knows, I'm about as decisive as Charlie Brown Here's a pic of the tag Ed, it doesn't have AC but other than that I don't really know what options it's missing other than maybe a fancier interior? I had a 63 about 20 or more years ago and I think it had AC
  4. There's a blue I found that I think would look like a million bucks on the outside, metallic and quite dark but not nearly as dark as the diplomat blue, I saw the color chit on that and thought it was black. I'm not stuck on staying true to the original colors but we'll see. I'm only doing the engine for now and will worry about the paint once I finish a few other projects I have on the go. The blue interior does look great with the black and maybe diplomat blue would also be a good choice. I'll send you a pic of the fisher body data plate as soon as I take a pic of it Ed, is it one of the one
  5. Very nice, I didn't know they came in that color. Unfortunately they didn't back in 64, I love that color and with my blue interior I think it would look perfect, ignore the dirty mats, that's the way I got it, I have nice ones now
  6. Mine is black with the blue interior, I especially like the color of the interior. The black exterior is nice but I think I'll be spraying it a midnight blue metallic, not a stock combo but I think it would look amazing with that combo
  7. Thanks for the info, the stance looks perfect, I would love to do that to mine one day. As time permits I'll be reading through your build in great detail, looks like you do great work!
  8. WOW!! :eek: That is stunning :D I'm not at all facebook saavy to put it mildly, so forgive the questions that are probably right there in front of my old nose. First off is the stance, how much and how did you lower it? As far as the engine goes, are those valve covers aftermarket or did some Riv's come with them? I have collector plates on mine which means I have to stay bone stock, for now anyway. I'm not a purist by any means but until they move the "altered collector" status up from 1958 I only get dirt cheap insurance in stock form, full ticket if it's altered.
  9. Thanks Gee, I was going to thin it 10% with their thinner and spray it on. I know from using it myself that even with brushing it on it flows out pretty good but spraying should be even better, particularly on shiny surfaces. I do know all about prep, I've painted quite a few cars and that's the most critical step, you don't want it coming off in sheets or having sanding scratches, fish eyes, etc. Do you have a link to your engine paint process? Always fun to see what others have done.
  10. I got my jobber to bring in POR15's Buick green with their next order a while ago, should be in this week. I'm in no hurry, I don't think my builder will be ready to take it for a bit. I'll be pulling the motor sometime in September and will post pics eventually when it's all done. Thanks to all for the replies and information.
  11. Thanks for the link Ed, that was an interesting read. I've always assumed you used gaskets. I wonder how true my manifold surface is? I gues I'll find out.
  12. Thanks for the information, if I'm going to all the trouble I may as well do it right. Well that's something entirely new to me, no exhaust manifolds gaskets. Thanks for letting me know, I'll try it that way and hope there's no exhaust leaks.
  13. The question is for anyone that can answer it, not anyone in particular Here's a picture of mine, I don't know how well it shows but the valve covers and alternator bracket are at least a shade or two darker
  14. I still have one nagging question, what color are the valve covers, they certainly look darker than the block.
  15. I wonder if the engine paint is the same stuff more or less as the rust stuff but with a different tint? I'll have to check out thier site and see what I can find out.
  16. I've painted quite a few cars, enough to know that delamination is almost always a prep problem but I'm not familiar with POR 15 paint so nice to hear a vote of confidence in the product, thanks for that. I have used their rust stuff upon occasion and it sure does stick, especially to you I'm going to thin it and spray it rather than brush it on, I'm better with a spray gun than a brush and it's a lot faster.
  17. Thanks for all the info guys, I went to my jobber and they carry the POR15 line so they're getting me some Buick Green, I didn't know POR 15 made engine paint. As far as problems with delamination I would assume that's a prep issue much more than a product issue, at least I hope it is
  18. Oops sorry about that, 64 Riv, 425 Nailhead. I want to spray a proper Paint with hardner like you would on the outside, for instance Dupont Single Stage Urethane. Aerosol isn't all that durable and I would like it to last, I don't mind spending more to get quality paint, it's usually worth it. One other thing I just thought of, are the valve covers supposed to be a darker shade? Mine appear to be?
  19. Since I'll be rebuilding the motor I'll be painting it too. Those of you that have done this what did you use for color, do you have a paint code? Thanks
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