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  1. Registration is now open for 2013 Founders Tour in Madison AL. This is the 25th Founders Tour, the first was held in Madison County Al. Registration Forms can be downloaded from naraaca.org. There has been some confusion over the hotel. The host hotel is the Radisson in Madison (or airport). It is currently closed for renovation and will open next month. The phone system should be operational in the next 2 weeks. To reserve a room call the Radisson 800--967-9033 and mention AACA Founders Tour to get our $79 rate. We apologize for any difficulty encountered so far. Betty Thurstone and I checked on the hotel today and the renovation is progressing nicely. We have great tour routes planned and many interesting sites to see. We may even manage to have ice cream at the ice cream social. Hope to see you there. Y'all come on down and enjoy some Southern Hospitality as we have a Blast from the Past.
  2. The AACA Library and Research Center catalog shows 17 listings for Erskine, and that is just owner's manuals etc. Contact Chris Ritter for the info you need. If you are an AACA member you have a block of free research time. If not a member you should be.
  3. I will add my hurrah for the book. Sam got his copy on Monday and told me enough about it that I really wanted mine to arrive. Finally on Weds there were 2 copies in my large mailbox(I actually ordered 4 but had 2 sent directly to Kevin and Sam). The rest of the day I poured over the book. What a wonderful walk through the past. Ron would have loved every bit of it. Yes I cried some but because the memories it brought back were so happy and dear to me. So many friends, so much love and fun. And thank goodness in the discussion about the Premiere Founders' Tour there was no mention of the "no ice cream" Ice Cream Social. I am sure the resources of the L&RC were invaluable to the production of such a marvel. This book surely brings automotive history and people together. HURRAH again
  4. Sam is right. They were very nice young men and seemed genuinely interested in learning about the Marmons and the Keller and assorted items. Their focus is not just automotive, but any item with historical interest and impact. Antique Archaeology is their business and the show is an offshoot from that.
  5. Sam is being very kind. Sanding is my job. Bets are it will take me 2-5 years as I need to stay home to do it. Ron had prepared a Power Point presentation about the Bobbi car and the evolution into the Keller with many original photos and ads. I will present this at our local library in March. I think we have that postcard as there is not much Keller literature we don't have. One of Ron's last purchases was Keller literature that Walter Miller had obtained from the McVea family who had owned our car. Mr McVea would not part from it when we bought the car. We have collected anecdotal information from Huntsville residents who worked for Keller or a relative worked for Keller. Ron liked to speculate would Von Braun have wanted to set up at Redstone if there was a thriving auto industry already there. We'll never know. There is an excellent article and a picture of our Keller before restoration at Automobiles at Redstone
  6. Thanks for all the moral support. Check "team blog" section of aliceramsey.org for story and photos of journey. I think we set a new record for ongoing documentation. There was little national news coverage but a nice article in SF Chronicle when we arrived and a video clip on CBS 5 in SF. As far as a seminar next year question is just for which venue. The L&RC has first dibs but there have been inquiries about the ladies' seminar and at least one other possibility. Venue would determine focus of presentation. I have done a 1/2 dozen or so seminars at Philly in the past so am comfortable with the idea. The journey was an incredible experience and I love telling Alice's story. I truly got to combine my loves: automotive history, women's history, storytelling and a road trip and am happy to talk about it.
  7. We have made it to Cedar Rapids. As Alice said in 1909 "We are in the West". We were met in Clinton IA by members of the AACA Cedar Rapids Region who escorted us to Cedar Rapids. I spent the morning in a 1911 American Austin and the afternoon in a 1915 Model T. Many Thanks to the Cedar Rapids Region for great hospitality, a good meal and wonderful fellowship. I got to tell Alice's story and we all had a grand time. Hope other Regions and Chapters will meet us along the way. Library Lady
  8. OOPS! forgot the question I was answering. Don't know future of DVD or about Discovery Channel but Bengt Anderson and crew are making a documentary. Check out www.aliceramsey.org for purchase details or meet us on the road and we will take your preorder. It would make a great program for your region. Depending on where you are I might even come talk about this great journey and I'm already getting hints about doing a program at the annual meeting next year, maybe for the L&RC
  9. We are on our way. A couple of days of problems, think they are solved now, see www.aliceramsey.org for details. Thanks to all the AACA and HCCA people who have hosted us so far. Meeting you is a highlight of this journey. On the road west from Buffalo tomorrow. Great day today with great photo ops at Niagara Falls. I'm only a passenger but we are such a team that everyday calls forth more cooperation and mutual support. I can't push the car into the trailer but I am becoming a great wheel chocker. It takes all of us. So far we are all enthusiastic, optimistic and having a great time. Thanks to AACA and HCCA for the gear. I love my 2 AACA shirts and my jacket. The jacket has great pockets but is only water repellant not waterproof, but great against wind. Looking forward to meeting more friendly AACA members down the road.
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