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  1. Hello Larry, I missed the car on here, after I wrote you on here and saw the car using the "saved search" engine I use on eBay... we spoke there on eBay and the car was sold, let me know if the deal falls through. Anyone have an idea what those fire wall number and letters mean. I found simular ones when I restored my 32 Chrysler years ago... at least the that ends in"DG". I thought this is funny, it's my initials, lol. Regards, David
  2. Hello Joel, do you still have this car... hate to see it rodded. Please respond to dgiorgi2001@yahoo.com or give me a number and I will give you a call when it's good for you. Thank you in advance, David.
  3. Hello Phil, please send me the photos to my email I gave you over the phone. Thank you in advance, David.
  4. Boy you have to admit, those MoPar products 30 to 35 really do have the look, don't they. The styling is just perfect! Dave.
  5. Hello, I am wondering what ever happened to this Chrysler for sale. Is it still out there? Thank you in advance, David.
  6. Hello, I know its been a few years for this post but I was wondering what happened to this car... is it still available??? Thank you in advance, David.
  7. Thank you John for post the pictures...regards, DG.
  8. Hey Jonnie, thanks for the compliment...I will try sending one at a time...Dave.
  9. Hello Johnnie, I used the link on here and I still get the mail failure...I just can't figure it out. Perhaps another email? If so mail me and I will try that one, sorry buddy....Regards, David.
  10. John , I used this and I keep getting a failure, even when I responded to the one I received from you? I just don't understand whats going on, I will try again...thank you buddy.
  11. Thank you for the kind words on my Plymouth guy's...For the ones that thinks it's a lot of money, well what can I say, don't buy it, don't look at it and don't ask me for any more pictures. I think it's worth it, blue book value seems to think so too, as well as those with some intelligence on here... again, thank you for the "positive comments" guy's! Regards, DG.
  12. 1932 convertible coupe with roll up windows and dual spare mounts. run, drives, steers, stops, excellent. All original 41k or offer. 904 806 7822 or write for pictures dgiorgi2001@yahoo.com Car is in St. Augustine, Florida.
  13. Hello, I need a 4 cylinder head for a 1932 plymouth, got any laying around? Contact dgiorgi2001@yahoo.com or call 904 806 7822 ask for David
  14. Your in luck an exact replacement for these are available at Atwater Kent Fuel Tank Sending Units There not cheap, but you get what you pay for. Expect to pay aroung 400.00 but thee are nice and a perfect match...
  15. For SALE 1934 Ford 3 WINDOW full fender(steel) running boards steel smoothies, R/S coupe. Has all new floor, perfect reproduction, hand made and all new patch panels. All were perfectly hand made here in Lima, Peru. This is a totally all STEEL CAR. It originally had a 4 cylinder that is currently not running , one of 7 model made in the 3 windowversion with this engine configuration. Grill insert is a "VENDETTA AUTO FAB" unit with original steel shell, MANY STAINLESS REPLACEMENT PARTS . Roof is filled. car currently has 1940juice brakes front and rear with unsplit wishbone., these definately need to be rebuilt. ALL GARNISH MOLDINGS INCLUDED.Will ship to any port if buyer pays 19K, OR I AM OPEN TO OFFERS AND YOU SHIP , I WILL HELP WHERE I CAN and I have a shipper here that is very reasonable and not too expensive. call if interested or email me at dgiorgi2001@yahoo.com phone is direct by calling 011-511-273-3046 EST OPEN TO ALL OFFERS. Don't wait , 3 windows are much rarer then the 5 windows and this is a totally STEEL rust free car with a frame and suspension.
  16. Well I found a real pearl under the seat of my 1932 Plymouth PB convertible coupe, so now she sports the name "pearl", I also hung the pearl on the key ring...DAVE.
  17. also klaxon 26 horns are available brand new for like 600.00 a set, beautiful, just in case you wanted to know, Thx., DAVE.
  18. Hi I bought these cylinders new from Andy one side is 1-1/4 inch and the other is 1/38 he said it would not make a difference. All the cylinders on all 4 wheels were like this...my question is does it matter? I would like to upgrade to stainless braided flex lines , I think they are all an AN fitting, anyone ever done this,? The lines Andy sent me were totally wrong and know I need to send them back. Would like to repolace all the shoe return springs any suggestions, Andy has these but I am again afraid of receiving the wrong parts. Thanks , Dave.
  19. Hi, I would think if they were "new" as advertised and they would have been "loaded" with internal parts, would it matter? Did you get these from Andy as mentioned above? Thanks in advance for the warning...Dave.
  20. Hi, don't know how to PM you on here but idf you send the information to my email and pictures I certainly would appreciate it very much . dgiorgi2001@yahoo.com
  21. Hi, Yes he seems the best priced so thats the way I think I'll go and no core fees...THANK YOU, Dave. Anybody reproducing these KLAXON Horns?
  22. Please if you do not have these and they sold, please let me know. Thx., David
  23. Hi, I'll buy these...Please send a response to dgiorgi2001@yahoo.com thank you in advance, David
  24. Hi, I need a Klaxon 26 right and left trumpet horn or a suitable replacement for a 1932 Plymouth PB model. Also need a complete brake wheel cylinders and master cylinder set and any other brake parts you may have for this model auto. Prefer new loaded cylinders and master. Thanks in advance , DAVE.
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