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  1. I was a Real Estate Broker for 35 years the value of homes or any thing else is WHAT A BUYER WILL PAY IN A REASONABLE TIME in real Estate it is ----location, cost of money, and which style is hot all continuisly change years ago popcorn ceilings were in vogue now it is considered ugly some of my sellers told me they would burn down their house rather that GIVE IT AWAY !!! same with cars there is a new generation buying cars and as in realestate the buyer establises the value I have two cars of the early 30s did not pay allot and did the restoration my se
  2. I have a 32 PA Plymouth it is a deluxe which means it has cowl lights and chrome head lights also side mounts and a trunk rack in back my seat is adjustable winged knob under the middle of seat I was told they made pricded models with out adjustment you could adjust by changing the position of seat by taking out screws that hold to floor and move back to screws in other holes
  3. this car is happy at 45 but will try higher and report
  4. 35 years ago,when I got my Plymouth PA, bought tires from JC Whitney. After all that time the paint was bad and tires bad. just took tires and balancing weights off. painted wheels and put new tires and tubes from Coker,.and put the tire mark opposite the valve stem -------did not balance ----- now at 45 the car rides great with no vibration or shimmy DID I JUST LUCK OUT ? will probably leave as is
  5. the problem is the accelerator rod and the choke cable are on the outside of carb sometimes I run a BB1 on this car and the configuration is the same the air pipe on the silencer is in the space taken up by choke and accelerator rod the only way this would work would be a special addition of carb where all the hookups would be on inside since the 31 PA had the early version with air filter under carb they may have used them for half a year not many made the silencer I have is like new I hate not to be able to use it ---if you look at the picture above it shows th
  6. in the picture a brass bowl carb is depicted the BB!, though better unit has the air intake at an angle original carb is straight the pipe on my silencer is also straight so am restricted to which I can use
  7. Have a NOS exhaust system bobnroman@yahoo.com
  8. I have a tool it was used as a way to keep the side leaf on a desk horizontal just an adjustable rod to just move the fluid along in the brake system I pump the brakes and on the third depression I hold the peddle down with rod against the steering wheel then crack the wheel cylinders one at a time takes a while but can do it alone and can get the air out
  9. I sent same LETTERS TO EDITOR to Lanny to put in Bulletin world like use on my car there must have been special carb with out all cables on out side
  10. I'm sorry I have some water pumps but just do no know what a 77 is ? I guess every body else knows I'm sorry
  11. you know I never thought of that but you maybe correct the earlier 31 PA had the air intake under the carb proved to be dangerous so they came up with this ---------------have one, but because of the cables and throttle rod I can not figure how it mounts would like to use it they are very rare
  12. have a lead for a parts guy in Mid west good source for motor parts bought out stock from JANS PISTONS E mail me bobnroman@yahoo.com
  13. would like to here from anyone running a Plymouth PA with the pictured brass bowl Carb and air silencer please contact at bobnroman@yahoo.com
  14. I own a 36 plymouth it is all one piece there is no way to get the seals on the peddle beside slice
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