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  1. Check for wear on your fuel pump push rod A Common problem in the 50s on those engines a quick fix was to put a piece of foil in the fuel pump o top of the push rod to make up for the wear. Bill
  2. Looks great does it come in other colors and what brand name Thanks Bill web38
  3. Has any one found a source for the correct cloth and color tan for the 1990 front door radio speakers? Thanks Bill web38
  4. My 90 maui blue vert has a dark blue stripe. Bill
  5. I Have had good luck using oxy clean on some of my older tops.
  6. Would love to have the round one hanging in my picture window. Bill
  7. Barney, There are two nice musuems in Kokomo. Bill
  8. Ed, Do you still have the grill? Bill
  9. Where can I get a bulb for the 3rd brake light on the 90 convert. Bill