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  1. I totally agree with Joe. I made similar statement to a SpaceX reference on social media and got lit up. Tesla is using 1980 battery technology (Lithium-ion) with modern microprocessors to get a 250 mile range (200 with A/C or the heater on). Quantum mechanics/engines is where the future is at and needs to be showcased in racing to get the current generation (Z and the millennials interested in motorsports and the auto industry again). All the oems vanilla cars are so similar that you barely can tell a Hyundai/Kia from a Honda, Toyota, Chevy or Ford. What is the true environmental impact of Tesla? There is no thing as clean coal technology. The environmental impact of the Pruis was real bad for the first generation. Not sure if the current one is better during it's manufacturing process. My work experience is IT Pro and college education in Environmental Science along with gearhead by birth.
  2. Riding in a classic car without seats belts is a death wish. I sold my 1917 Model T for the fear of being in accident in an antiquated vehicle. Even my grandfather's 1973 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, which is in survivor condition I would have concerns. I take my other vintage ride early on Sunday mornings ~7:00 am. Can't trust the current generation of drivers or the others in the senior realm.
  3. Orignal Rockford, IL Model T Touring. Was an amatuer 1960s restoration. Original sheet metal. Black with Black top. Engine/Transmission rebuilt 2001-02 with paperwork. Lost interest. 1920s Holley NH carb with Large volume intake and mild cam. Aluminum pistons and stainless steel valves. Original magneto Lights and Horn work. Hand Crank start. 1st year WWI model. $10,750 or Best Offer/ Please email me for photos. Has won 3 trophies at local car shows. Car is for pickup only and is located in Des Plaines, IL Thanks, sold
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