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  1. Mike I now have 2 1935 D 518 Hupps Would you like one or both?
  2. Hey---anybody want to talk about a 35 Hupp?---Value---parts value???
  3. My 1935 D518 Will post pic of 34 when I get it.
  4. Well I just woke from a 3 year nap and find that I still like my Hupp---AND---I have a line on another one---the person claims that it is 1934 but it really looks like amy 35!!!--I noticed that the light lense is "Hella-xx19/20/21" the hubcaps have a tiny bolt in the middle, the rims match my 35 D518 the continental kit cover is in tact and the grill matchs my 35 D518, also the real license holder is on the drivers side----
  5. Where do you go to get wireing diagrams for 1935---specifically for a Hupp?
  6. Were they 6 or 12 volts? How do you know? my Auto Lite Generator is GBK 4604 and my Auto Lite Starter is MA 4039 How do I catagorically verify their voltage as 12 or 6??? Thanks for your time Dave Mc
  7. These photos were sent from Adobe® Photoshop® Elements 3.0. Find out more: http://www.adobe.com/photoshopelementswin <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: B1rdman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Hello we in the same boat, although mine is drivable 1927 sedan with the 3 window sides. i need a water pump and a radiator. i turned a new shaft for the pump, works ok but still need a good one. bought a starter armature on ebay for 25 bucks and a new starter spring about 10 good luck on finding what you need gene</div></div>
  8. Well for starters pictures and color schemes for the interior---I have no upholstery and no front seat structure also would like to confirm that originalially this car was 6 or 12 volt system??? 2. front right brake drum 3. spare tire cover (continental kit type) 4. radiater cap 5. Hup medal front above grill 5. front headlight glass 6. rear tail light lense (and housing) I have some spare parts---generator--Auto Lite GBK 4604, Transmission with gear shift and others I havent envintoried yet (I've only had this guy 20 years!) How do I post pictures here?
  9. Any good links for parts for this model Hup? I am joining the Hup club. Thanks DaveMc
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