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  1. How sad to see how this dispute seems to be gaining ground within the AACA and Museum boards. With all of the modern pressure's we in the old car hobby face from restrictive laws to ethanol in our fuel, we need to be focusing on banding together to preserve our great hobby instead of the infighting that seems to be going on. In the AACA we have the greatest automotive club on the face of the earth; one that is looked up to by most other car clubs and through the hard work and guidance of our Executive Director and National Board we continue to grow. Let's stick together fellows and gals for the good of our beloved hobby.
  2. I had the very great pleasure to know Sam and serve with him on the National Board. He was a true gentleman and an ardent antique vehicle enthusiast and will certainly be greatly missed by all who knew him.
  3. Tail light looks very much like a GM Guide back up light and stand that someone has installed a red lens in. I believe Guide division also sold lights to Harley Davidson in the 40's & 50's.
  4. I am new at this venue but an old Pontiac owner. I am presently restoring a 51 Catalina Coupe and would like to find an accessory trunk guard for same. I can use just the center bar if one is available as I have found uprights. Thanks in advance for anyone's help. lloyd, walnut creek,ca.