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  1. Like all electronic ignitions it will quit working properly below a certain voltage...Check the supply voltage with a digital voltmeter when the system is turned on. Often you will see normal voltage when there is no load on the system because of a bad connection somewhere.
  2. 1982 Olds Toronado. Within the first year the paint fell off, the trans was replaced (that was what I was told more in a second) it would quit in the middle of an intersection and would not start till it cooled down.....On and on. Found out later the Toronado and the Caddy equivalent were the highest maintenence vehicles with the worst service record in GM's fleet. About the trans...All the dealer did was replace the trans case..The mechanic left out a snap ring and 3,000 miles later the trans quit again at 12,635 miles...GM refused to do anything about it. Last GM product I owned or ever will
  3. I think in most states the general rule is 25 years. Many states have restrictive laws on when and where an antique can be driven. Most states do however, allow saftey related upgrades sush as glass, brakes and seatbelts.
  4. Grandpa, so glad to see you on here. I was getting worried since it had been a while. It looks to me like there is a castering wheel at the rear of the car, so someone has modified it to do this. Why? Who knows. Maybe a prop for a movie?
  5. I can only speak as to my personal opinions, but if most here do not agree the Pontiac Aztec is the ugliest thing ever made I will eat my hat. What was GM thinking? I can't believe this nightmare made it out of the design stage.
  6. Even with a very high performance drag racing engine, if you will observe the pit crew, at the end of the run the first thing they do before towing the vehicle back is to plug the exhaust pipes to keep the relatively cool air out. Also, almost all of the engines are either supercharged or turbocharged. This brings a whole new set of numbers for what will work as a exhaust system.
  7. Exhaust is simply the movement of air or gas if you prefer. Air has mass and therefore inertia and harmonics. A properly tuned exhaust will make the engine breathe much better. Observe the increasingly rare two stroke motorcycle expansion chambers. They help scavenge the cylinder of spent gases. In the older days, power boat racers who utilized two strokes would actually have a moveable "stinger" on the chamber to change the RPM range where the engine would produce max power. Also older dual exhaust cars had what was called an "H" pipe which was a crossover between the two sides of the engine,
  8. bkazmer...Both your car and daughter are beautiful. Arkansas is one of the more liberal states when it comes to the use of any vehicle registered as an antique. There are no restrictions on when or where it can be driven. Like has already been mentioned, they can't be used for commercial purposes. Also, if the vehicle is a truck, it can't haul more than a 1000 pound load. This was enacted because many street rodders were restoring old trucks to haul their rods around. Since so many cars are lasting for 25 years since fuel injection arrived, I look for the laws here to be changed soon. Antique
  9. Windjammer...I have the certificates and license to purchase Freon...But I am not at all sure R-12 as we knew it is still on the market. What is being sold is a chemicaly compatible substitute. Still in all..If you don't know what you are doing, leave the A/C work to an experienced person who has the proper tools. I've done some work on cars, including converting to 134, but most of my work has been installing A/C systems in agricultrial aircraft. They cost anywhere from $10,000 to $18,000 not including the labor to install it. Stick the name airworthy in front of anything and this is what you
  10. You can't even buy R-12 Freon anymore...There are a few substitutes on the market that are compatible with it, but do not mix R134 with an R-12 system. The seals and compressor oil are not compatible. I agree with windjammer...Without the proper gauges and experience you are better off having someone qualified repair the A/C. If the system is empty of Freon, it is because it has a leak, and that requires a leak detector, a vacuum pump, gauges and a number of special tools to repair.
  11. I have not heard anything out of Granpa in a while....Is he alright?
  12. Here in Arkansas it is 25 bucks, plus you pay the city, county and state sales tax at the time of purchase. There is no tax on buying a used car if it is over ten years old. You must furnish proof of insurance as well as proof the vehicle has been asessed for taxes along with proof you owe no property tax for the previous year...Not a big deal...Arkansas did away with the inspection requirement several years ago. Antique tags are 25 bucks also, but they do not expire and therefore are permanant. The requiremant is the vehicle is over 25 years old and must be original except for safety improve
  13. Try Walker Radiator in Memphis, TN. The man who owns it is also the owner if you will of the NSRA, or maybe the NHRA.....You should see his place at Lehi, AR....15 or so buildings crammed full of old cars and hot rods. He has even reconstructed a Texaco gas station from the 50's there. His shops and collections would give Jay Leno a helluva run for his money!
  14. Marlin, perhaps the easiest thing to do would to locate a dealer in your area who still uses screw on ID tags and try to buy one then use the screws. Try that or look around local salvage yards.
  15. BJM...It is just like my 87 Mazda RX-7. Mazda finally got the rotary engine right with the RX-8 when they moved the exhaust ports from the rotor housing to the side plates...My RX still looks modern...I agree...Designers need not sacrifice good looks if they have a mind to!
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