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  1. Thank you! I will let Forum know what I find tomorow at nearby Parts stores and their exstentive parts catalogs. Don Lohr
  2. Working on brakes on my 1931 Dodge DH - new brake shoe linings - new master cylinder done by Apple Hydraulics (great job) - finished adjusting brakes and realized that on the brake line going from the master cylinder to the brake line TEE there was a leak in the larger main connection - upon inspection the inside of the tTEE at that point looked like it was damaged therefore the leak - I am now looking to find a new brake line TEE with the main connection and three other smaller connections - I was told that it would be wise to replace the line from the master cylinder to this TEE with a new l
  3. Hello Dodge friends, I have a 1931 Dodge DH 4dr - years ago I had installed a rebuilt brake master cylinder unit - has been fine until recently - I will be removing the unit from my Dodge and I would like to either buy a new unit, buy a rebuild kit or send somewhere to have the unit refurbished. By the way, the unit in the car now does not look exactly like the one in my original 1931 Dodge manual - the main difference is the fill cap - was wondering what others have done and who they might recommend for various options - I do like to surf and browse the web but to save time & energy I tho
  4. Looking for Pinion Seal (leather) for 1931 Dodge DH - very difficult to locate and will most likely have to have "something" fabricated. Have put in a call to OLCAR BEARING and I am waiting for a reply.
  5. Found it at: http://www.sullivansgarage.com Less than $2.00 before shipping. Thanks for the info! I owe you one! So neat that you and Keiser31 answered by request in a matter of minutes today. So glad I found this avenue for help, support and suggestions!
  6. Found water pump graphite rope at: http://www.sullivansgarage.com Less than $2.00 before shipping. Thanks for the info! I owe you one!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply! I also have copied and printed the same page you sent from my 1931 DH manual. I understand how the water pump nut works but would like to know what type of product (grease) is used and where might I find it! My plumber friend use a packing grease on one of my old hot water radiator valves in my house - perhaps that would be the same grease? (Seems like hot water is hot water whether in the car or in the cast iron radiator in the house.
  8. What would be the procedure for packing fan shaft nut (in front of water pump)with grease on my 1931 DH Dodge Brothers sedan. Nut is not leaking at this time but I thought I would unscrew it and "pack in" more grease in the recess before the threads then tighten up the nut. Years ago my Dad had a type of "string grease" which I thought he wrapped in the recess and simply tightened the nut. Where might a Dodge Brothers owner find such a product - certainly would not need much! Thanks! I am new to the forum, although have owned my Dodge Brothers since 1967.
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