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  1. Hi There, How are you progressing with the horn bars and centre caps? In fact I'm still looking for a complete wood steering wheel for my '65 Riviera... NOS or Repro, I'm not bothered, so long as it looks right. Do you have any for sale?? Ned. I have a few repop hornbars. These are solid steel and do not have the hollow back of the original pot metal castings. They are VERY strong. They DO NOT have the raised surface on the face of the arms as do the OEM. Please don't expect an EXACT replica. They are very close to the originals and would be very hard to tell once mounted in the wheel. These are fully chromed and are $265 + shipping. I went up from $250 as chrome costs have increased. This is my first post here as I usually hang out on V8Buick. I go by the same handle there and my ebay handle is sorry-sold! if you want to check me out. I do not have a Rivi, but I do have a '65 Wildcat. The one on the left is NOS and the one on the right is the repop. NOS: Repop: NOS: Repop: We're trying to get the correct finish on the horn caps next. These are not ready for sale yet. I have several people in line for these. If we can get the finish right these will be beautiful. They have clips and locator pins.
  2. Similar to the answer he gave me. Oh well... if you end up having any luck with Gene, then just let me know. Thanks.
  3. I did receive a brief reply and, unfortunately, it appears that Gene is not active in re-producing horn bars any more.
  4. Hi there, I would like a set (1 pair) of Clamshell covers if you have?
  5. You're talking in Gallons? Oh, so Herculiner also comes in a spray on liquid format, as well as the carpet-like, roll on application?? If this is the case, then wouldn't it be a good idea to use the spray on variant for places like the car underside and tight/awkward cavities? And maybe, the roll on variant for more easier and straight forward areas... such as large, flat surfaces? Interesting to know what people prefer to use, for the various surfaces in and around their vehicles.
  6. The only sound deadening/insulating stuff I used on one occasion before was Dynamat... I'm sure you've all heard of it. It's a very soft and flexible material, ideal for covering curved, uneven or awkward surfaces. I once installed a sound system (on a previous car) and I used Dynamat to insulate the areas surrounding the speakers. This kept the audio sound nice and tight and within the car's interior, instead of rattling through the car's body. The only awkward places I had to cover, were surfaces in the cavity area between the inner quarters and the outer fenders... this is where I had to cut and shape several pieces of Dynamat. But how does Dynamat compare to other applications such as FatMat and Herculiner? Are they as pliable and able to line awkward surfaces and tight areas??
  7. Where did you get your FatMat from? And would it be a similar material to and more or less do the same job as this truck bedliner stuff??
  8. Yes, added factory options are fine... as are minor modifications or mild custom. Im all for an individual personalising their Riv, but not to completely lose the original appearance of the car... like I've seen on a couple of 1st Gen Rivieras, which is a shame really. When customising a car like ours, being subtle but tasteful is the key! Yes, it feels real nice when you receive positive feedback on the work you've carried out and always, always... ...spend more time and a few more bucks to get the job done correctly the 1st time around! :-)
  9. It's very true what you say Ron... not everyone would agree with your idea of modification. But I must add, in all fairness, that it is quite a MINOR modification. However, the likes of your Riviera purists probably wouldn't like it! But isn't that the whole concept of 'custom'? Which is to design and build something to your own taste?? Something that's different from the mainstream. Like you said, you do these things for your own satisfaction... not anyone else's.
  10. So which particular model of Buick would this type of Tach most likely derive from?
  11. Unobtainium? What material is that Ed? Or do you mean Unobtain-ium, as in Unobtainable... because this kind of Tach is so hard to find?!!
  12. Well if you want a Tach installed, then I also think it's a good idea... in place of a redundant ashtray. And you haven't spoilt the interior's original look either. But because the Tach is positioned well below driver's eyeline, can you see what it's reading easy enough?
  13. Chuck, Good to hear you eventually managed to stick your Optikleen label to its bottle! In fact, I got round to applying my label today... and fortunately for me, this particular label WAS impregnated with glue! So all I need to do now, is find some clear, adhesive laminate to protect it. :-)
  14. Yes, I also bought an Optikleen label from Cars Inc. (Old Buick Parts)... and just like Chuck thought, I wondered how I was gonna stick this label on too! So Alex, wetting the label with water for a few seconds and then position it as desired on the bottle, before the adhesive starts to take effect... all well and good. But the label itself isn't protected from spillages, so would using some clear, sticky laminate (covering the label) adhere to the glass bottle well enough??
  15. Yes Ron, I see what you're saying... I suppose it really depends on what you want the most. If you want the wood appearance, but with flexibility, durability and longevity... then I guess you'd choose Formica. But, if you can accept the possibility of having to re-panel those areas after some time and, prefer originality and authenticity... then yes, there's no substitute for the real thing! Especially with the smell of it too, when wood has been freshly installed and has been stained/laquered! And by the way, what guage/dial is that sitting in the lower consol??