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  1. already done that it is worn to bad to adjust gene
  2. is there any way to get a worn out gearbox fixed, to get the slop out of steering. new box ???? fix the old one ?????? car wanders around on the road gene
  3. B1rdman

    vin number

    can some one tell me where vin number is on a 1927 hupmobile????? thanks gene
  4. I may have already sent this. If I can not drive it I do not want it. And if you have seen one car show you have seen them all. gene
  5. I have a maroon 1947 Lincoln that is a older restoration in southern Oklahoma. strongest part about it is it holds a high oil pressure, and hits on all 12 cylinders. good looking car, nice interior. will ask $18,500 or might trade for right car. gene turkey@cherokeetel.com
  6. Have I driven today??? I drive my 1927 Hupmobile ever day. It is 3 miles to the coffee shop in Colbert Okla and I drive it ever morning to coffee. gene
  7. B1rdman

    gas cap

  8. B1rdman

    gas cap

    if it is for sale ? how much thanks gene
  9. B1rdman

    gas cap

    1927 sedan tank at the back gene
  10. anybody looking for a 1947 lincoln continental. she holds over 40 pounds oil pressure when warmed up. mechanicaly in very good condition. gene
  11. B1rdman


    here was a new one on me. my generator stopped working, it was a surprise to me to find out there is a fuse inside the generator for the field coil. so if you lose output take the band of and check the fuse this is on a 1927 huppmobile :confused: gene
  12. i to have a 1927, and the key to it all in my case was end play. see if you can move the shaft in and out pushing, and pulling on the fan, mine would seal then after not to many miles leak again. i dont worry about leaks any more. gene
  13. buy some thrust and spray it in the cylinders then let it sit, it will free the pistons best stuff i have seen gene
  14. keep that sucker till you die then they can do what ever. i have 7 cars and none for sale. going to leave them a problem when i die. gene
  15. B1rdman

    gas cap

    anyone have a gas cap for 1927 hupmobile ??? thanks gene
  16. i always said if you cant fix it you dont deserve to have it. Ans boy do you deserve to have this car, never let it go, this car is now a part of you, and it is a big part. gene
  17. Drive it a V-12 would be costly to rebuild. i have a V-12 but it would cost a ton to rebuild it. gene
  18. Paul i sold a running v-12 needing rebuild for $1500.00 i think it is worth more though gene
  19. it was a easer job for him to wire new gages, might be some of his reason for wanting to do it that way g
  20. Ebay has a bunch of voltage reducers for conversion type 12volt-to-6volt gene
  21. i have plexiglass about 80 thousands thick, if you want to try it i can send you some gene
  22. can you have a glass shop cut a new piece for you?? if not Lowes sells plexiglas you could cut and not fear it breaking it is as clear as glass gene
  23. anyone know of a source for a needle and sear for 1947 Lincoln Cont ????? i want the newer style if available, i think it is called Viton a rubber like on the end of needle. thanks gene
  24. here is a thought corvettes, people have them bored out and then sleeved with stainless steal. no more cylinder problems after that gene
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