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  1. This starter was part of a large brass era starter and generator core purchase that I made. It does not have an original manufacturer tag. Can anyone tell me what it might fit or who manufactured it? It is a 4 brush, 4 field coil with ball bearings at each end of the armature. There is a number cast into the field case CA-1. The brushes have the part number 77S stamped into them and the name either nuncesser or nungesser cast into them. Thanks for any help Jeff
  2. JB According to my Mazda sheet and my Standard Auto Electricians book you need bulb#1110. These were 21cp both low and high. I have 23cp low and 50cp high. These are 6v ratings. Jeff
  3. I have a Delco Remy starter part #429 fits 1929-37 Duesenberg's. The starter does work but needs restored. At some point someone did install a new Bendix gear. Has the correct switch on it as well.
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