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  1. To DodgeKCL Thanks again for the info you have sent re the numbers on the trucks. Perhaps the 'C' stood for Canada? We are back from the UK now and Dad would appreciate being able to speak with you about your trucks. I have tried to post photos on the site but have been unable to work out how to get them uploaded so they show where you can see them. Your assistance on this would be appreciated. Alternatively, if you would be able to forward a contact phone or fax number to dad's email - barrycleaver@slingshot.co.nz (he would speak via these posts if he could but is a little technologically
  2. Hi I am writing this on behalf of my father - barry. Yes we have photos of the 'trucks' and I will try and get them posted on this site in the next few days. Unfortunately we will be away from NZ (travelling to England) from 2 June till 2 July but should be able to check the site whilst away for any replies. Alternatively will be back in touch when we get back - Dad would love to chat to someone about these trucks - will probably talk for hours given the chance :-)...but perhaps on his return from the UK we could organise for him to call at a time convenient to you - as often speaking in per
  3. I have located the above in considerable disrepair and am looking at restoring the 1934 - I have the following Chassis No: 8344823 / Plate: B-5-O-LR 390 / Engine No: CT6-6058 / Gross Weight: 10500 lbs. I would appreciate anyone out there who has information / pictures / photos or advice regarding this truck to assist with my restoration. The 1937 is Serial No: 8503425 / Model FE-4-59 / Engine: T41-4769. Both of these trucks are in New Zealand. Regards Barry
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