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  1. Here is my '47 Roadmaster. It is unrestored with original paint and upholstery It was purchased new by a recently discharged Sailor. His girlfriend had left him during the War and his new Buick became his love. He took great care of her and that care shows today. It was always garage kept in the Pittsburgh area. She was retired in the mid 1950's and only brought out for an occasional ride around the block with the neighbor kids in the summer. Only 80K miles. This story comes from one of those kids.
  2. Try your local NAPA dealer...you will be surprised at what is still available from them and reasonable too.
  3. That makes sense too. I know people changed the crest on 46 & 47 Nashes with the '48 crest to make it look like the new model. Well I am leaving them alone...they look good there. Thanks for the comments and compliments on the car. She is the queen of my small collection for sure!I bought a lot of NOS chrome and NOS (not repro) red plastic inserts that will be exchanged in the Spring along with a lot of detail work. Thanks again. Love this forum.
  4. My seemingly all original '47 Roadmaster has the Roadmaster script on the front fenders. Someone recently questioned whether that was original since putting the script on the front fenders supposedly did not happen until '48. I searched the internet and found more than a few '47's with the script. I also found a factory photo of a '48 with the script, but a white steering wheel. Were these scripts optional? The car does have most every option listed in the parts book. Thanks! Mike Wennin
  5. Hi Matt, Sounds like quite a project! Style: 47-4567= Super Convertable Sedan Body No: L20231= factory body number Trim No: 64= Bedford Cord and Blue Leather Paint: 15= Seine Blue with French White stripes on the wheels Hope that helps. Mike Wennin
  6. Hi Stevo,''Yes I would be interested in the info: mswpa at earthlink.net
  7. Got the car back from the shop and upon a close inspection it looks like the turquoise paint has just come off as there are reminents of it here and there on the covers. The base of the block is still blue. I guess what is visible is just the primer paint. Thanks for everyone's help.
  8. Thanks for the information. The car will be back from the shop in the next couple of days and I will check the engine number. It is in the shop having brake work done. The mechanic told me he is surprised that there is no rust to speak of. It appears the car was garage kept. Thanks again. Stevo...hope to run into you some day. I am only about 3 hours away from your area.
  9. This may have been discussed in this forum, but I have not been able to find it. I have recently purchased what appears to be an all original 47 Roadmaster in great condition including a mint steering wheel. I am wondering why the engine is black and not turquois? I plan to repaint the valve covers and sparkplug covers. What color should the decal be? Red would look sharp, but not sure if it would be right. Engine Photo Any information would be appreciated. As a newbee I am enjoying reading all of the posts. Thank you. Mike
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