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  1. The HAMB , it a Site for Traditional Hot Rods.. type it up on Google.. its a good site.. just like this one.. Model cars are fading away.. Im not seeing them in stores like I used too..
  2. Im a member of the HAMB , if that makes a difference.... and used to be very heavy into the old Model car kits.. My guess would be in the 30ish range.. its a Palmer kit.. they were not accurate to scale as the AMT or MPc kits.. still a Neat Mustang kit..
  3. Cool,, You prepped the Body for paint . it looks good.. . at least you know that it has been sanded.. and the Product will stick.. as for the amount of material used.. it would be no different than getting a collision repair done.all that matters is that it covered completely... as for orange peel if any.. they gave it texture , just like the originals.. the tiny pops are called solvent pop.. probably applying the product to fast.. they probably got overwhelmed by the size of the car.. Maaco might be cheap.. you cannot by the products and rent space for that type of money..
  4. Here Adam.. bend the blade in the middle.. that will keep the edges from slicing your paint. as a safety precaution tape the edges as shown.. draw the blade towards you on a angle .. you shouldnt have to apply any pressure.. but you will end up polishing because it will remove some the finish . its the same a scraping runs or dirt nibs.. all you are after is to light scrape the over spray off.. it will be a task.. as for chemicals, it may soften the finish and you will be repainting.. if you are worried about how much time it will take.. a detail shop might be the answer.. it will be time c
  5. Post a Picture of the Areas.. Try a Clay Bar.. Ive used those when lots of Industrial paint overspray has landed on new cars.. its a slow process but some times works.. Theres nothing wrong with Maaco Paint work.. there Body and prepping technics are not the best though.. to many corners cut to make the production schedule.. Some peoples pockets are not as deep as others.. and the Know how do do the work can be difficult..
  6. Theres one here.. Luckily its the Shop Computor..
  7. I have never seen salesmen samples other than Slush cast promos, and acetate 1/25 scale promos... this one though came from Toledo OH. about 1 month ago on the 16th.. The person had retrieved this From the Kaiser/Willys Plant in 1955.. and owned it up till I aquired it.. the Picture of the Kaiser design studio shows the right rear quarter the The car in the forground being made of clay.. and different from the left rear quarter.. The KFclub Historian made a few calls and did confirm this is the car. in the back ground.. There is a book that does state that the thought of the Wagon going int
  8. I like it.. its just to bad it got Broken..
  9. Hello, Actually.. The Fender Mirror belongs to the Car.. the stem is the same shape as the grill..
  10. I live in Calgary Alberta..
  11. Hello, I hope you dont mind me posting this.. This is a 1953 Willys Aero Wagon Studio Concept 3/8 Model.. If you have read in books about the Tail end of Kaiser.. and Willys.. there is a write of this car in books.. Ive also enclosed a picture Courtesy of the KF club.. of the Kaiser Experimental Concept Room with this car in the upper right corner.. Its a little rougher than the first picture.. due to bad shipping.. any Values of this would be greatly appreciated.. or if there are any appraisers here that know of these.. here we go.. But still very restorable ..
  12. Ill start a New Thread.. Of the Willys Aero Wagon ..
  13. Hello, and Thanks for the Welcome..I reside in Alberta Canada. I Have a Couple of cars.. a 1955 Canadian Dodge Regent, and a 1951 Henry J thats slowly in the works.. and just recently Aquired a RARE 1 of a kind.Concept 1953 Willys Aero Wagon Studio Concept 3/8 scale model which has been in written about in books for some time.. but I dont think ever posted with the picture..
  14. Hello, Im a New Member here..
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