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  1. A. Ballard 35R, The car is in fact in the ADM Museum and they are very interested in receiving the paperwork which I will send to them later this week. Thanks so much for helping make this connection. George 804-356-4382
  2. I have in my possession the history of a 1916 Twin Six Cloverleaf Packard Serial #127423. Lot's of info on custom modifications, previous owners, receipts for work done etc. I would love to get this into the hands of the current owner (no charge) but don't know who that is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks Jim, The material in the trunk is in too poor a condition to do what you suggest and I don't think the fiberglass mat was used in the trunk; just the hood. George
  4. I need to find a source for the asphalt mat that is sandwiched between the hood and trunk skin and the underlying framework. Everything I have found is a fiberglass material and that is not correct for my '59 merc. Chevy and others used this same material. Thanks, George
  5. Need convertible top switch and knob. Also need NOS side spears for a Parklane.
  6. I need a wiper motor for my '37 Packard, 1501 convertible. Any luck? George
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