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  1. Here is a question that has become an issue for me and I believe the answer could help a lot of people restoring GM cars and trucks. First I'll givea little back ground on the question. I have a 1940 Oldsmobile that I am restoring and not knowing much about pre-war cars I thought I had the original 257 ci engine. I started looking for specs for the missing head cover bolts. A good guy in California told me the specs were 7/16-14 by 2-7/8" and specified an undercut on the diameter of the bolts about 1/4" below the bolt head. I Couldn't find the original bolts anywere so I went to Lowes in desp
  2. Sad part is the same people that want a family of six to drive a shoebox on wheels also thinks this is a great idea. there's enough radical tree huggers running around to make sure this thing passes. just look at cash for clunkers.
  3. I appreciate you guys helping me out. As you can tell everything you show me helps. I got a little side tracked from the engine when I found a company willing to reproduce my floor pans. I'm back to working on the powertrain until I get the sheet metal back.
  4. Bob, I just replaced the shift lever and in the process of installing it I found out that the shift lever passes through two different shafts and the inner shaft had twisted when I lined up the holes in the two shafts and installed the lever there is forward and back movement in the lever. I do have the syncromesh transmission. now I just need to find a replacement flange so the lever will stay put.
  5. Hi Restorer32, That would be the ideal solution. unfortunatley it's wasn't an option. It was the shop that decided the best option was either to cut the original floor pans and mail them or to use templates. We decided that the condition of the floors prohibited them traveling in the mail, they are very fragile.
  6. Phil, John Thank you. I'm going to check out that forum and see if I can learn something and making a profile of the pan is a great idea. I just want to give the fabricators exactly what they need without making the job hard for them.
  7. I could really use some help with something you guys may consider very basic. I'm passingly familiar with making paper templates for flat two dimentional shapes like patch panels but I need to make templates for a shop to make replacement floor pans for my 40 olds. How would you represent bead rolls and 90 degree bends so the a professional trying to make the part knows what they are trying to replicate? Is it possible to make an accurate template without removing the original pans from the car or is it better to cut them out and then make the pattern?
  8. don't know if it will help but Kanter lists rebuild kits for oldsmobile C1 carburators from 25-30 you might contact them and see if they have a source if you need the whole thing.
  9. This is turning into the Franken-car I'm not sure which parts are Pontiac and which are Oldsmobile. Then there's the whole range of parts that belong on both of them. any tips on sorting out olds from pontiac parts?
  10. Hey guys, I got the service manual for my oldsmobile, it shows the manual trans mission having four positions configured like an h laying on it's side (their description not mine) My transmission appears to have three positions like a modern automatic transmission all arranged vertically. There doesn't appear to be any horizontal movement in the shift lever at all. Does this sounds familiar to anyone?
  11. Thanks guys, as you can tell I'm starting all over from scratch when it comes to these cars. Mr Lang , yeah I ordered one online and i'm waiting for it to come in now. I also found a website called the oldcarmanualproject and another called the second chance garage that have a lot of info. Thanks Streamliner 49 I'm going to see if I can find the plug your talking about. The transmission has a clutch pedal so I know its a manual and not a hydramatic, next step is to try to identify what kind it is.
  12. Thanks Mr Lang, I was a little perplexed by that, When I first started looking over the car I couldn't find the oil filter. I just assumed it was missing or placed somewhere I had never seen before. Then again until I bought this car I had never seen a sediment bowl on a fuel line before. I'm embarassed to admit I looked for what you typically think of as a dip stick with the finger ring on it for two days. I'm still trying to find out where the fill neck is for transmission fluid. Information on prewar cars seems to be kind of thin online.
  13. Hey , I'm not sure if you'll even saee this but I just purchased a 1940 olds 4 door sedan that's missing it's grille and some of its trim. If you still have the parts youi mentioned I'd really like to talk with you about them.
  14. Does anyone know of any quirks or oddities in the way this engine works? I've seen a couple of things that said oil filtration wasn't that great and that the inline runs pa
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