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  1. Hi All, some advice is needed . I was away and did not renew my club membership until today. Jan,9. I am planning to take my 1967 Royal Bobcat GTO to Canandagua for its first Senior , would this present a problem?????
  2. Hi. That is very nice of you but all vehicles are different .The jeep Cherokee has it under the exterior base of the windshield ,on the Honda Pilot the glove box must be removed and a section has to be cut out ,, ETC ,Stuart
  3. What brought me home was a 1949 Buick ,what brought my daughter home was a 1967 Buick GS 340 drag pack car that I bought new and I still have , It has but 20k on it and has never been wet .It is original and as new . Stuart
  4. Hi Dick.. This is Stu. Nope, they do not do windows, and my two Lhasa Apsos are always on the attack (maybe they know something i dont). The Purchase meet was just GREAT. If I can get my pal Jackie to accompany me to Canendagua, with his GTO, I will be there ......if not Hershey 2010 here we come .....
  5. I guess I am spoiled ,the meet in Purchase is 20 minutes from my home ..... but on the other hand my inlaws live with us sooooo ,it will be good to get away .. (do not let my wife see this)... Stuart
  6. Hi GTO Jack ... I hope some are in NY .I have a 1967 Royal Bobcat that will be going for its senior .... .Stuart
  7. In my opinion the best winter storage problem solver is the car bag . I live in the northeast where the winters are TOO long . Years ago I came across this bag when I had a rodent problem with my L88 Corvette . It is a total enclosed bag .It stops mice ,moisture,etc . The way you put it in is the way it comes out so simple yet so effective . All my cars live in the bags and believe it or not they come out of their winter sleep PERFECT . check it out online Carbag - Protective jackets for your car or motorcycle... I am a mechanic with my own shop and I recommend it to my customers and they all love it .. my Vette had an article in Dec 08 collector car magazine called THE CORVETTE IN A BAG ,check it out.. Stuart
  8. Hi all ...just a thought ,in 2002 I attended a special meet at Purchase College in Westchester Cnty New York. .. Its was the best meet I had ever attended, the location was just wonderful .... Maybe its because I won my first Junior there ,but I digress ... Will anything like this ever be done again.????... It was hosted by the Westchester Region..... Stu
  9. Hershey is amazing .but I was disapointed ... My best friend and I drove almost four hours on Saturday and arrived at 10,am and most of the swapmeet was packing up to leave .Many of the vendors still had loads of parts left ????? , Also ,why have the car show on grass when blacktop is avaliable??? One rainstorm, and the field turns to mud, and that equates to MANY hours of cleaning and detailing the underside . But like I said all things considered it is great BUT improvements can always be made ... Stuart
  10. I would be sure it is OUT of 4wd and be sure the front axle cv joints are ok
  11. Is Hershey positively on grass I seem to remember it was on blacktop ??? Thanks for all your help and advice .... What a great club !!!!!
  12. Hi Guys and Gals I am kicking myself now ....But ,when it was new I never took it in the rain .... except when I wanted to impress my best girl who in now my wife .... ps she thinks I am CRAZY
  13. Hi Mark thanks ,thats a good idea,I drove from Westchester county NY , about 5 hours also .and, I must admit I was tempted to take it out of the trailer ...But I could not .... Just me, I guess ,
  14. Quite simply ,I do not want the underside full of mud, and I saw some cars being pushed into the parking spot. I truly admire the cars and the owners that were on the field . They were ALL spectacular I hope this explains it to your satisfaction, Very respectfully ... Stuart
  15. Hi I recieved my first junior in 2002 and had not had my 1967 GTO Royal Bobcat out since ,Brought it to Gettysburg for its senior but the mud got the best of me .Is there a time frame involved .or will it revert back to where I would have to achieve junior status again ... I must admit I am somewhat crazy and overprotective about it as it was a 15+ year restoration and I have owned it (or maybe it owned me} for over 40 years.... Stuart
  16. Hi Stuart again I hate to be a pest .... BUT, you know these old car people.. I need two 67 GTOs trailered to the Gettysburgh meet from Westchester County NY and back the same day, enclosed only .... any recommendations ...
  17. Hi ,need 2 67 GTOs trailered to the Gettysburgh meet . Pick up in Westchester Cnty NY and back the same day Stuart .. Enclosed only please
  18. Hi All . I have a 1967 GTO .It is a REAL Royal Bobcat. and it is going for its first senior at Gettysberg, will I get a deduction if it is shown with it original, Royal Pontiac license plate frames ????. Also ,it came from the factory with red brake drums I have pictures from when it was new is this a problem ???// Thanks in advance.... Stuart
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