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  1. I am surprised. I thought there would be much higher mile Reattas than 277. Could not interact with PO of my red/88, so, know nothing about its history. At this time the trans. is holding up great. Trans. went out on my black/89 a week after driving back from Ar. after purchase. Had it rebuilt by Mr Transmission here in Nashville. Shifts from first to second too early. Otherwise its good.We also had the same thing with my ladies sandalwood/90. Bought an engine and trans. with 37000 miles on them, and now have a spare engine.The 90 trans. is good now. Much cheaper than having one rebuilt.
  2. I am just wondering who has a Reatta with the highest mileage on this forum. My red/ 88 has 216.
  3. I'd like to thank , Keith, Bob, and John, for their positive comments about my cup holders. I started making them with three things in mind. #1 they had to look good. #2 they had to be strong. and, They had to work well. Also had in mind to make them simple. Because, I hoped to sell them. Everthing I thought of as improvements also added to the work I would have to do on each one. So I kept it simple. Its gratifying to hear and read comments about something I've made. Some of the feedbacks on ebay have been just freak'n great. First time I"ve ever used (freak'n) in a message. Again, I'd like t
  4. I have put it back together so I could use the car. Don't know the length. Have no photos. But thanks for your help.
  5. I am in need of the passenger side cable, with the steel shield. I am aware that some mazda's used the same sun roof. And so, I would like to buy either reatta or mazda cable. I destroyed my steel shield trying to free the cable inside. Then found that the outer steel wrapping on the cable was loose on the inner cable, making it junk.
  6. Not much to add, but, there is a switch on the right side of both my 88 and 89 passenger seats. So, that would leave a hole of some kind on the right side of the seat next to the console. If the 90 is the same. BTW, I Could use one or both of your extra seat covers. What color are they?
  7. Thanks guys for your help. I stuck a needle through the insulation on each of the wires, down from the fusable link, and each one tested about 12.25v. So, its not a fusable link. Ronnie! I swapped the fuse from my 89 and still had the same result. Its not the fuse. Mc_Reatta! I was able to get the puller fan to come on, by going through the diagnostics, but not the pusher fan. I pulled the pusher fan and managed to burn it out. It ran when I jumped it first, the right way. And then out of curiosity, I reversed The leads and quickly generated a lot of heat and smoke. After that it would not tur
  8. Went down this morning and disconnected the wires in the little red box behind the battery. Could not find a red, orange, and black. found a blue, and black. And a red, and black. And a black, red, red. My sympton is, the fans don't run at any time. I have swapped both, the EMC and the BMC with unit from Jim Finn. Needed to have extras anyway. Have moved around breakers with known good ones. Still no fans. Also, powered the puller fan by jumping from 12v source. It worked. I'm assuming that if my temp gauge moves up, then the sending unit must be good. Now I feel like the dog who caught the ca
  9. Can anyone tell me how to locate the fusable link that powers the cooling fans?
  10. Looking for tan 88/89 steering wheel for my lady's sandlewood/ tan 90. She doesn't like the bulky center, air bag area. Of course it has to be in good shape.
  11. In the end, I believe, you will have a hard time finding anyone who will replace the inner bushings. They are extremely hard to get out and twice as hard to press in. I ended up getting a complete control arm from a junk yard out your way on the road from joelton to springfield cant remember the name. But, anyway, you might try rockauto.com . I'm sure this control arm was used on other GM cars.
  12. I would be willing to give your man a try. But, I have to have an idea of cost ? Will you be doing the deal between you and me ? Or, are you thinking of handing it all to him ? I would prefer interacting with you on this first one. I have two CRT's that need repair. The one I would like to do first has a lit up horizontal line through the center of the screen. Give me an idea on how you would like to do this.
  13. Thanks Marck I'll be looking for a like new early model tan wheel. She thinks everything in her car has to look new.
  14. The ex-wife hates the steering wheel on her 90. I have an extra tan column out of my 88. Can I swap the 88 into her 90 without huge problems ? Has anyone done this ? If I can, then I'll have to find a wheel.
  15. I would buy two at that, or lower price.
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