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  1. I have only one ignition key for my 1990 Reatta. The keymakers around here cannot help me because of the chip on the Reatta key. Is there a way I get a duplicate ignition key? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I have two key fobs and I tried them both, so I don't think it's the battery. I'll try the other approaches after I get some fuses. Thanks a bunch.
  3. My key fob is not unlocking the doors or trunk of my 1990 Reatta. I also noticed that the doors are not making that unlocking sound when I put the transmission into park. Could the two be related? Is there a fix?
  4. A few weeks ago there were several postings about hobby car insurance and Grundy seemed to be the best bet for me. I called them and they said insurance on my 90 Reatta would be $114 a year, which is only just over one-third the $337 I am paying now. The fly in the ointment is that the Grundy's liability limit for one hobby car is $100,000, and that amount includes bodily injury & property damage, and "statutory" medical payments and uninsured motorist. Whoa, that will not even pay the opposing lawyer's fee in a serious accident if I were found at fault. My current insurance is $500,000 per accident and $250,000 per person, and I consider that too low. I think it is false economics to go with Grundy even though I drive my Reatta only about 2000 miles a year and it is kept in a heated garage.
  5. Is there anyone who can answer the rest of Barney's question, which is what models and makes of mufflers will work on the Reatta. If it is the Camaro Flowmaster, which year of Camaro and which model of Flowmaster, etc. One custom shop said he thought I would find the Flowmaster too loud. I do not mind it being a little louder but I do not want my Reatta to sound like some of these rice rockets with mufflers like a wash tub. I am looking for a nice, throaty or bubbly sound.m
  6. When we switched over to this new format, somehow I got lost in the shuffle and had a devil of a time getting back in. Now I see I am listed as a "junior" member with an enroll date of last May. I think Padgett, Barney and others can confirm that I bought parts from them seveal years ago via this forum.
  7. My Reatta is kept clean and polished. I get a lot of questions about it. I go months without seeing another one. It cost me much less than a used dealer certified economy car. I love the way it takes curves, corners and the short turning radius. How much horsepower can you use in the era of speed cameras? A racing driver friend of mind can outrun a lot of sports car while driving his Honda Civic just be driving smart. What wrong with just being able to cruise down the highway at 65 mph and at less than 2000 relaxing, engine-saving RPMS? Only thing I wish I had more of on the Reatta is brakes.
  8. I also find the new Website rather drab and colorless and I would prefer to view the posts with a date rather than how many minutes old they are.
  9. Even if you get the electronics right, how well would the Reatta transmission/transaxle handle the torque load from the more powerful engine? Seems to me it could be expensive to find out the hard way.
  10. Deb Thanks so much for the definitive time and place info. It sounds like it could be an interesting weekend and a nice drive. Please post if anything changes. thanks again.
  11. Sorry my spelling does not measure up to your lofty standards, Vegas. But you would know more about camaros than reattas than i do.
  12. In today's NYTimes.com the newspaper has several articles on the GM bankruptcy. One article asks readers to submit photos of their GM cars. The article has photos of the corvette, the camero, 57 chevy, cadillac convertibles, but so far no one has posted a photo of reatta or a riveria. If someone has a photo of a reatta in a good background, go for it.
  13. In today's (May 29)www.cnn.com under the business section there is an article "GM's Junk Yard." It describes some of GM's spectacular flops including the corvair, the vega, the cimmaron, the aztec etc. The Reatta is not mentioned, even though it sold far fewer than any of the other models cited. This is probably because the author did not consider the Reatta "junk." The Reatta was just another example of GM not carrying through on a good idea.
  14. Deb, could you post a definite place and time. I just moved to PA and I am not familar with "south of Pittsburgh."
  15. in today's www.nytimes.com there is an article on affordable classic cars. Look under collection on beer budget. Somebody posted citing the Allante. I thought the Reatta deserved mention. Look for my posting under Jim B.
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