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  1. Hi ! Lovely Simca 5 ! I have some Studebakers pictures ... but it's rare in France And a very old one, in a Danish museum
  2. Hello I'm French and today I see it in my country : The man drives it every day ! I want to know the year of this car, can you help me ? Thanks Matthieu
  3. Renault R21 & Alpine A610 Alpine A310 (yellow) & Renault R8 Gordini (blue) Amilcar
  4. Peugeot 505 Diesel I have my exams (I'm a student) : I can't post a lot of pictures...
  5. Citroën DSpecial Citroën 2CV AZ Renault Rodéo Citroën Type H Renault R4
  6. Citroën 2CV Renault Rodéo Citroën Ami 6 Peugeot 403 Commerciale Citroën 2CV
  7. I like 70's Renault, like R5, R14, R15. My Citroën Visa Club '82 (with a 2cv engine) for everyday. and my Renault 5 '76 (there is a lot of work because of rust !!!!)