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  1. Usually when a modern oil says "Not recommended for passenger car use" it normally means not for modern car use, since the high zinc levels will kill the catalytic converters.

    If you notice the Lucas Hot Rod and Classic oil says "High Zinc" right on the container and the write up on their website say for cars "without catalytic converters".

    I use Valvoline VR-1 Synthetic racing oil in all my antique cars, since it has a higher zinc level.

    The Lucas Oil looks good to me, but I would contact Lucas directly via there website to ask any questions you may have as they are the experts on their products. I have contact Valvoline with questions like this and always got an answer and sometimes they have told me not to use specific product I asked about for my application.

    Everyone has their favorite oil that is the best. Make your decision based on solid facts and then decide on your best oil.

    Thanks Vila, I did contact Lucas and it sounds like a good oil for old engines. I had wondered if anyone had used it and what they thought. I'll try it.

  2. I am looking for a rebuilt factory spec, carb for my 320cid 66s 1939 Buick, the one I have is made out of many different parts and I would like to replace it.

    What model is it, I have a working Stromberg EE22

  3. Looking in my shop manual for float adjustment on a Stromberg EE22 it states that in order to set the float at 5/8" from the top of the float bowl the car needs to be running with the top of the carburetor off. Has anyone heard of this or done it? Also it doesn't look like 5/8" is correct.

  4. I want to thank you all for your help. Is there a photo somewhere showing this bulb out of the engine and where do I get it repaired? It was working fine until I had some work done under the dash.

  5. Yep! What Danny said. All the ether in it has escaped. They can be repaired!



    Are these difficult to remove? I looked at the connection on the motor and am not sure how it's connected to the block. If the square nut is threaded or pressed in. Don't want to damage anything.

  6. I had the dash bulbs and wiper motor replaced and now I've noticed that my amp meter, temp guage and clock no longer work. There is spark at the clock. If these are shorted out can they be repaired. I know the clock can be fixed but not sure about the gauges.

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