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  1. Hey Lou: Is the brake system flush as simple as drawing off all the fluid from the reservoir refilling with fresh and then opening the furthest brake bleeder, pump when the bleed screw is open and close it when the pedal comes up until it runs clear. Then on to the next wheel and so on. Or is there more to it?
  2. Try to get a windshield that has the black out on the bottom. My windshield was replaced without the black out and the sun has eaten the leather that is up against the windshield. It was kinda bad when I got it early this year and now, it is a daily driver, has shrunk and split. No amount of leather conditioner has helped.
  3. Being new to the TC world, I was quite surprised to see another TC here in Sacramento. I have heard there are only about 1300 or so still running. Last week I saw an Artic White one turning onto Watt Ave. from Fair Oaks Blvd. This morning on my way to church an Exotic Red TC was at the stop light at Eastern and Marconi. Poor guy had a coffee and was juggling it hand to hand, obviously no cup holder. I gave him the horn, I was on Marconi, but he did not hear it (surround sound?) I got a green light and gave him the biggest wave I could, and there it was the two tone air horn! I wanted to stop and chat him up but was running late and had to go. We will meet again, I hope. Jack
  4. Am I daft, is my computer stuck in 2007, or do you need to be a member to see an updated web page?
  5. Is this still a viable club? It seems the last activity on the site is from 2007.
  6. Thanks for all the information. If I did not have to go to Chowchilla Sunday, turn and go up to Chico Monday I would be in SD. Now that would have been a worthy trip. Where do I find information on meets? Is just it a TC meet or what?
  7. I got stopped today by CHP. He was so engrossed with the TC, had to look at the engine and interior, he let me go with a warning. SLOW DOWN.
  8. I just acquired an 89 8v TC from my Godfather. The paint was in poor condition, and after hours with the clay bar and rubbing compound and wax it is passable. He had left it out. The passenger side is worse. The driver side looks almost new. I want to replace the rubber on the inside of the driver and passenger windows as they are shot. Where can I obtain these items and how do you get the old ones off? The odometer does not work but I found a tutorial on the gear replacement somewhere on here. I may give it a try. Man is this little car fun to drive. I just came out of a Dodge Caravan! I understand it is a scream to see me get in and out of the TC, I'm 6'4" 290#. I don't care I feel like a kid driving around top down.
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