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  1. Yes the cut was mostly made on the seam. I did want to cut the bottom in half as well, but my abrasive wheel needs replacing. Not only is the housing on the accumulator thick it is fairly hard. I first attempted to drill a hole in the top to relieve the pressure, I got a small punch mark in the metal but barley made head way with the drill bit before it needed a trip to the Bit Dr. I just went with the wheel.
  2. I finally got around to taking an abrasive wheel to the old accumulator taken from my 89. It was chucked into a vice and took the wheel to the backside. I wore full face protection and welders gloves. It did let off quite a bit of pressure but nothing life threatening.
  3. Cam: I had a dodge van that was doing the same thing. When you get to 30mph or so, shift into N and then into drive. Mine shifted every time that way. After a month of doing that, it started shifting on its own. That went on for many months. Then when it got hot it would go back to its old ways and I went back to shifting it whenever it got hot. Then without warning at 306,051 it left me stranded on the interstate with a big puddle of blood (trans fluid) on the highway. I had it towed directly to pick and pull. Good Luck. Keep at it.
  4. I expected it to be wet with fluid when I took the old one off, but it was dry as toast.
  5. For the lack of a better term I am 'dying' to learn how they contain/maintain that much hydraulic pressure. I deal with small volume high air pressure (4500psi) and am aware of the danger. Do you know how the pressure is maintained? Is there a bladder in the ball. That said I plan on chucking the accumulator in the big shop vice and take the electric hand held band saw to the seam on the side away from me, or better yet I'll get Rob to do it. That way I'll be able to take pictures.
  6. I did a search and found this from Imported TwinCamFan: I suggest a good tranny service/flush. really not all that tough to do yourself and you can do it better than most shops would anyway... Basically, get under the car, drop the pan (careful, draining the fliud is a mess, big drain pan and lots of newspaper) change the filter/gasket and reinstall the pan. Here is the little known trick to changing ALL the trans fluid. refill the trans with new fluid (I like to add a couple quarts of B&M "Trick shift" great stuff IMO) and get like two quarts ahead. Then take a line loose at the cooler, put a clear pice of PVC tubing onto the hardline and run it into a bucket. Start the car and the trans pump will flush the fluid out for you, careful it generates a bunch of pressure. Only start the car for 10-15 seconds until 2-3 quarts drain out. then add more fluid inot the trans fill, and repeat until CLEAN fluid apperas in the clear PVC tubing. Doing it this way flushes out the entire system including the torque convertor.
  7. ACDelco 25528382 Pressure Accumulator. I just replaced mine yesterday. Straight forward part swap. Search 'brakes' in this forum for the detailed instructions. The part is about $100 and two big bottles of DOT 3 another $15 and you are good to go.
  8. It really is not that difficult. It is mostly messy. It is pretty good idea to clean the magnet and change the filter also.
  9. The book calls for (4) four quarts and then check dip stick. Bring engine to operating temp and add sufficient fluid to bring level to 1/8 in below "ADD" mark.
  10. I am going to flush the fluid Monday.
  11. Lou: It seems the cost has gone up a bit. It was listed at $102 with free shipping but when I got to the checkout page they only charged me $99 with free shipping. I doubt this accumulator was holding much pressure as it took about 20 seconds to charge the system from a cold start, but thanks for the warning. I think I'll chuck it into a vice and take the band saw to it. Anyway here is the Amazon page I purchased the new one from: Amazon.com: ACDelco 25528382 Pressure Accumulator: Automotive 3 seconds now from a cold start to the pump shutting off. My motor has already thanked me.
  12. Finally got my Accumulator from Amazon. Paid less than $100 with shipping! I put a three foot pipe on my ratchet with a wrench on the tower and it came right off. Hand spun the new one on and gave it a little torque with the bar and voila. I am going to cut the old one in half to see what the heck goes on. Unless someone else has already done so. Is there a bladder in there or what.
  13. I don't know you Lou. I don't even know Hemi, but I got a little misty seeing your Exotic on that trailer.
  14. ...and I thought the TC was hard to get in and out of.
  15. The accumulator should be here Friday, I have two big bottles of DOT #3. I found a hex on a socket from a brake job many years ago that fits the accumulator. A six point box end wrench that fits the bleeder and some clear hose. A 14 year old boy that loves the TC as much as I do as the break man. I think I am ready to do it.
  16. So should I flush system and change accumulator, or change accumulator and then flush?
  17. I am planning on flushing the brake fluid on my functioning 89 brake system. I am pretty sure I understand the procedure, but was wondering if the system has to be DE-pressurized to add fluid to the reservoir? ie removing the filler cap to add fluid as I am bleeding the system.
  18. I see you are on THAT coast. My wife drove my 89 and wants one of her own. An Exotic one at that, but that coast is out of the question. Good luck.
  19. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: MIKE KEY ST.LOU</div><div class="ubbcode-body">that would be a great idea! i live in st. louis mo and would love to comunicate, and share idea's and problems with others in area. mrk813@charter.net michael r key 15 voyager st. peters mo 63376 have owned tc's for 15 years, at present own 4 tc's </div></div> EXACTLY!! I am not a full on mechanic, I am an OK part changer but I lack tools and a lot of know how. Networking with other TC owners in the region would be very helpful for known good TC mechanics, possible parts whereabouts and so on. The data base on here is OK but it is not city specific.
  20. Is there a data base showing what cities our cars live in?
  21. Hey David: We have not heard from you in a while. How did the insurance fiasco work out? I could not really see from the pics but is the leather on the dash, right up next to the windshield still in pretty good shape. Mine is thrashed! Jack
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