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  1. No offense taken. I am 6' 4" and about an M&M away from 300#. Yeah I just barely fit. I work on a loading/shipping dock for a large grocer so I am fairly fit....for an old fat guy.
  2. IMHO driving with headphones is never a good idea. There are too many things missed when one of the senses is dedicated to just one task. Sirens, calls for help, phone, the fap fap of a fan belt beginning to come apart, excessive tappet noise, the list goes on. Even with the sound system cranked you are still in command, with headphones you're not.
  3. Then there is the persistent leak from the upper corner of the doors toward the windshield. Hemi claims it is one of the only drawbacks to the design of the TC. Mine leaks there as well. I have made temporary fix-its for one drive only. I use a small piece of plastic bag to seal the gap between the roof seal and door seal. It usually pops out when opening the door. Sit in the car during a downpour and you may see it running down and collecting on you sill plate.
  4. Does the dash piece next to the windshield come off as well? The leather on mine is wasted.
  5. The wipes are typical late 80s early 90s wipes. The problem is they are riveted in. I tried to do it with the door panel on and in retrospect would have been better off taking it off. I used the wipe from a 94 Dodge Caravan.
  6. What do you want inspected? Engine Transmission Brakes
  7. Hey John: I remembered seeing this on another forum scroll down to the Odometer Repair. Hope this helps. Jack TC Projects
  8. I'm sure there are some who keep their TCs for the monetary value, but I think most of us keep and take care of our two seaters out of shear love of the little beasts.
  9. They are cornering lights. They function just as you describe. I have an 89 Caddi with the same configuration.
  10. My TC TOY I have been toying with this same problem. Currently I am trying plastic pipe with a slot cut on one side that will accept the plastic strip and then unscrew the bow and slide the entire thing over the bow. Then some how afix the very end. I used brass picture hangers that worked for a while. I need something a little stiffer. Any insight for a solution would be appreciated.
  11. I found the passenger side curved slotted window support was completely bound. It appears to have never worked. There was absolutely no wear indication. The other side, which slid easily did show some wear. The support bolt is steel and the bracket is a soft aluminum. I took the curved slotted support off the frame and tried to loosen it by hand and could not. I then took the three spacers off and took the bolt off the bracket. I then used a fine file to widen the slot and then polished it with some 600 grit sand paper. It now slides easily and readily. I have heard of others having this same problem and would suggest doing the same.
  12. Thank you everyone. I have located a replacement. Where would we be without this forum? Thanks to all who maintain and monitor. Jack
  13. Please excuse my ignorance! "BURP the system" ????????? Please enlighten the uninformed.
  14. Duane: I dont have the original packaging for the epoxy. It is one of those double syringe affairs. It was "made for plastics". I dont remember it saying so on the label but use in a WELL VENTILATED area. It mixes up thick and sets in a few minutes. I held the bracket to the glass by hand and after two minutes could let go. It is by far the best epoxy I have ever used.
  15. Make sure there is nothing in the top storage area. There are depressions that I assume give a little extra room for the brackets. I think the fabric binds the sliding action of the brackets and if you are lucky the bracket pulls away from the glass. If you are not so lucky (me) the window shatters. I have glued that bracket several times. This new epoxy made a permanent bond. The glass is still on the bracket.
  16. Duane: That was the problem I was having the right side kept coming off. I got some epoxy that permanently affixed the bracket to the glass. I suspect the bolt was not sliding in the curved part of the bracket and shattered the entire window.
  17. I just broke my soft top glass. Do any of you have a replacement glass? Jack TCA 3551
  18. There is quite the pissing match getting started on this subject over in the Yahoo TC Maserati forum.
  19. This is a part number Hemi gave me for the front right (passenger): NCV12539 Axle Shaft. Comes with tone wheel. I do not have any information for the driver side, but that should get you started in the right direction.
  20. Last Thursday drove my 89 to Lake Tahoe. What a grand trip! The TC is my first convertible and the drive up with the top down was great. Mind you when I left Sacramento it was 103 degrees. Ninety minutes later it was 83 degrees. I have had bad luck in the past pulling the last grade to the summit, over heating from a variety of things 1) bad radiator cap. 2) failing water pump. 3) Timing issue. However this time over the pass with no problems. The auto trans never even shifted down to second. The car was able to go as fast as I wanted to drive it. Traffic was light and I am not one to speed, but was pleasantly surprised at the power it had in the hills. I did get a little concerned as the temp gauge did get higher than it does here in the valley (it was one gauge mark past midway) it did not overheat. There were about six cars off the side of the road with temperature problems and I gleefully waved as I zoomed by. I camped with a bunch of buddys at Emerald Bay and put a pop up tent over the topless TC. Coming down the hill was an eye opener at 2500 feet (Placerville) at noon it was already 100. It was only 98 when I got home though must have been a welcome home gift. Looking forward to the run to Reno next May for the TC meet.
  21. I was intrigued by the paint dots in the interior. I am wondering if they are QC checks? See the two green, one white and one purple dots on the diaphragm and retaining ring? I am thinking of making the next cut just below the retaining ring. There does seem to me some kind of valve in the neck of the accumulator and I dont want to dislodge any parts. I think there must me a spring holding the valve shut twincam. We will know this weekend. Ill post more pics.
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