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  1. I was going to suggest a text to voice program for you guys, but it occurred to me ya probably cant hear very well either.
  2. You need to go to DMV first. Pay the registration and show proof of insurance. They will give you paper work and specify either "test only" or "test". Most likely if it is a new registration it will be "test only". You take the paper work with you to the smog station and roll the dice.
  3. The fan comes on at 1/2 and off a little under 1/4 on my 1989 2.2 with Auto Trans.
  4. GLOSSARY copywright=copyright stuipt=stupid personnal=personal dispearse=disperse dont=don't haw=how
  5. I am aware of the symptom; what is the problem?
  6. Well thars yer problm son. That there cumulator gots a leak
  7. Yes Amazon does sell new accumulators. New as in never used. They are however 20 years old. I bought one and have since replaced it with a new/new accumulator. Save your money and buy new/new.
  8. Those parts are resting with the Holy Grail and Salomon's Tomb. It is perhaps the rarest of the the TC parts. They are available and costly. There are a few wandering around here, occasionally on ebay and in select wrecking yards. I know of one here at a wrecker. Good luck. I know that is not 'exact', but the hunt is on.
  9. Hey Lou: Hope you are feeling better and better as the weather warms; it is getting warmer where you live isn't it? I finally got around to installing the rear soft top window you so graciously sold me last year. While I would not say it was a snap it went together just fine. Thanks for taking such care in its removal. I was not so careful and had to replace the plastic strip the fabric was stapled to, which as you know involved drilling out some rivets. Some neanderthals never learn to go slow and take the time to see how things are assembled and SHOULD be taken apart. Perhaps I can share the wisdom. Thanks again....jack
  10. BUCKLE UP! I am living testimony to lives saved by seat belts. Three major crashes (one head on) with minimal immediate damage. Two were the result of 'the other guy' (and one my own youthful exuberance (high speed). I dont think I would have lived through any of them had I not been seat belted.
  11. Tell them to total the car and buy it back to fix yourself. We have done this on two occasions. Your car however now has the designation as 'Salvage' and depending on state law criteria for selling, registering etc are different than a 'regular' car. We made out pretty good on the first one an 89 Caddi Seville, but ran into problems with the other one (repairs were more than I anticipated). In most cases especially with our TCs you will be OK, provided you live close enough to a parts cashe.
  12. and of course where are you located?
  13. What is this "snow" you keep talking about. Some of these temperatures you are talking about belong in the big white box in the garage.
  14. Ice, Motrin, and rest. Get well soon.
  15. The convertible top is easy enough to put up and down, just use that.
  16. Those portals reminded me of my old 56 Buick with the toe start.
  17. Without the emblem it does look man naked, but I love the scoop. You do nice work.
  18. I removed the door panel today in preparation for the new window (see stolen wallet on this forum). Every thing came apart with nothing breaking. Maybe my luck (karma) whatever is changing. Besides and old For Sale sign and a bunch of broken glass, there was a ten dollar bill down inside the door. I dont know where it came from, it was a little weathered but spendable. It will help to offset having to buy a new window and the cost of the duplicate drivers license. I did find a window at a local wrecker, a little spendy but I leave for work at 4AM and driving the freeway to work with no window was a little breezy. Good for me I have Thursday and Friday off.
  19. Alan: It was not a real crescent wrench, just some cheap 9" adjustable open end K mart special. I am going to check the local parts yard for a replacement AFTER I find a way to get some cash but since you are in the same state maybe we could make a deal if the wrecker does not work out.
  20. It was not so bad that they stole my wallet. The hassle to replace my driver licence will be forgotten in a few weeks. I can over look the fact that they charged pizza and what not at a local eatery with my stolen ATM card. The fact they tried to purchase some goods at a bridal store online with my stolen credit card can be justified by my stupidity; but the fact they HAD to break my driver window with a crescent wrench (left on my seat) to get the wallet stashed in the cubby is unexcused. Bastards!
  21. I dont think it is a Chrysler part #. I put the # into google and came up with a few jobbers that carry it.
  22. This part number is from Hemi: Order 1- NCV12539 Axle Shaft. comes with the correct tone wheel
  23. Infinity AM/FM CD Cassette radio CARAVAN VOYAGER +more:eBay Motors (item 330376550019 end time Dec-11-09 19:31:00 PST) I think this may be what you are looking for. jack
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