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  1. I also cut one in half; just to see what the heck goes on inside one. As I deduced just a thick rubber bladder with inert gas behind it. http://forums.aaca.org/f144/exploded-view-accumulator-265624.html
  2. Marvin I posted a pic some time ago. Try this: http://forums.aaca.org/f144/swapped-accumulator-264621.html The black orb just to the left of the strut tower on the driver side is the accumulator.
  3. Larry Carlson Chrysler TC by Maserati Parts E-Mail: Info@TCParts.com
  4. These little cars and their bullet proof engines really are quite reliable. If you are going to use a dealer or other competent garage just about any car choice will be fine. Trouble starts when shoddy or no maintenance is allowed to degrade the overall condition. They are well made and a ton of fun to drive.
  5. that thing needed to be replaced anyway. Larry Carlson Chrysler TC by Maserati Parts E-Mail: Info@TCParts.com
  6. Look back and find some one parting out their car.
  7. ANY 20+ year old automobile is going to have occasional issues. Most are solved with regular maintenance. The rest are usually covered with a parts swap. Diagnosing issues is usually the toughest part of the entire equation. Qualified mechanics and especially old school Chrysler mechanics typically have no problem. Just about every problem has been covered here and a simple search of these forums will ferret out just about any solution.
  8. I've been driving my 89 4 cyl three speed auto trans daily for years. Winter here in California is more like spring elsewhere but I have encountered NO problems. Well there is a pesky intermittent leak at the corners. Every time I try something it works for a month or so and then....drip drip drip. Most of the engine parts are readily available; trouble starts with body parts. God forbid you bugger one of the headlights especially the passenger one. It is a great auto and I love driving it. Here in Cali the top comes down on most days (today included). I put the hard top on only when rain threatens for many days in a row and even then I am reluctant, as it takes two to put the hardtop on. It was only on for a month in 2009. If you are having the dealer look at/ service every 3-5000 miles you will have no problems. I have no experience with the 6 cyl motors but they are very common and even I (a ham handed mechanical Neanderthal) can do most of the work on my engine.
  9. It does not fail suddenly. It is kinda like us, it deteriorates. The gas on the other side of the bladder actually leaks through. This causes the brake pump to work harder and more often.This shortens the life of the brake pump. If you do the math; accumulator $100+ OR $600+ for a rebuilt 'master'. It is very easy to change and the part is readily available. The "master/pump" assembly is a BIT more involved.
  10. Tom: This is another TC site. It does have a registry ChryslersTCbyMaserat : Chrysler's TC by Maserati Forum
  11. Although I have not used them. There is a Brake Master invoice in the paper work I got from the previous owner of my car. I did not check to see if there were any in Fresno.
  12. further the squeaking you are experiencing could very well be the rear quarter window weather stripping interacting with the door window weather stripping (mine does). The cure is to tap the quarter window down button.
  13. Have you checked and/or packed the rear wheel bearings?
  14. I like fast cars, but I have enough problem getting in and out of the TC.
  15. TwinCam: Your problem sounds like a description I recently heard about 02 sensor.
  16. Oh and I would check the pressure at the fuel rail first.
  17. I can offer you little. My diagnostic skills are sub-par. I am a part changer, and barely competent at that. If you have not obtained a manual yet; that would be a first step. It is the grail of knowledge. Live Oak was a stomping ground in my younger days. I lived in Marysville and had several friends in those parts. I have been to Rancho Cpb 916-685100 to get a few parts. They both have been hit pretty hard and I know the driver window is gone from one of them. Another TC owner here John W was making regular visits there, he is even known as TC John at that parts yard. There will be others much more knowledgeable chiming in here to help you. It is a very good place for advice as you may well know. Good luck
  18. Don you are a hop skip and a jump from Hemi's shop. Perhaps a phone call and a short drive to 1581 Los Angels Ave Saticoy CA. 805-216-9257
  19. My 89 is a daily driver and I take the top down after work every Friday. My pull down motor quit this year so I had to learn to do it manually. Top down and you want it up. Release the tonneau cover either with the switch or the pull wire. Most of the time my toneau cover will stay up on its own but I brace it with my right elbow anyway. Grab the top as close to the middle as you can reach, pull up and forward. Rest the top on the chrome on the windshield. (Manual) look down at the locking pins the one with the catch should be up, if not; from the lug turn to the right about 1/8 of a turn you will hear a audible click. If they are still not up turn the lug to the left fully and then to the right about an 8th of a turn you will hear a click. Now shut the toneau cover and push the pins in the rear of the top, into the holes, again you should hear and feel a click. Now go back to the lug and turn to the right about 1/4 turn. You will hear and feel a major click. Now go to the interior and open both of the latching levers. Partially engage the driver side and then the passenger making sure they are centered in the holes. Now fully engage the levers. To take the top down. Disengage the levers and pop the front of the top above the windshield and re-engage the levers. Manual; turn the lug to the left until the back of the soft top pops up. Pop the tonneau cover; again to keep it fully open I brace with my right elbow. While holding the rear of the top with the right hand and your left hand on the front of the top, SLOWLY pull the front toward the rear. The top will start to fold. Guide the top into the cargo area; make sure the fabric is neatly tucked in. Lower the tonneau cover and gently but firmly push down on the front part to engage. Then engage the passenger side. Oh, make sure the windows are down for both up and down. Bad things can happen if they are not down. I keep a ratchet with a 3/4" socket in the trunk rather than use the unwieldy lug wrench. Works great and almost as easy as the electrical way....(not really).
  20. MY preferred method of removal is a three foot pipe slipped over a 1/2 drive ratchet with 6 point socket. It gives feel for breaking parts and slippage (which almost never happens with the 6 point).
  21. If the amber light remains lit, the computer has determined one or more parts of the ABS are not functioning.
  22. I just did the brake stab test twice. I got 11 and then 13 stabs before the light went on. I got my accumulator from Amazon.
  23. I bought one from Amazon for just over $100. While better than the original, It is New OLD Stock. Therefore it is about 20 years old (or so I'm told). Larry has New New Stock and should be MUCH better. Mine takes 12 seconds to fully pressurize from dead cold.
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